Clerics Player Characters

  • Admin [DM]

    In the relatively near future there will be some changes to the base cleric class. There has already been adjustments made to some of the spells and may be more to come.

    I would recommend everyone avoid making a cleric for now. When we implement these changes it may dramatically affect your character.

  • Admin [DM]

    Changes to cleric will be live after a small NWNsync and reset.

    • Clerics do not start with Heavy Armor Proficiency but can gain it via multi-class or taking the feat
    • Divine Power has been removed from the base cleric list
    • Divine Power is now a 1/day use feat for level 10 Cleric
    • Strength Domain has been modified
      a. Divine Power is now level 4 domain spell
      b. Greater Bull Strength now a level 5 domain spell
    • War Domain has been modified
      a. Divine Power added as a level 5 domain spell
      b. Greater Magic Weapon removed as level 3 domain spell

    This is a starting point with potential for additional changes as well as future possibility for kits/archetypes

    Happy Gaming

    N.B- Players of existing clerics, please contact a DM to address changes/invalidity of armor etc.

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