Bonus XP from Events and Role-playing

  • Admin [DM]

    To reaffirm, our goal is to have a server where the majority of characters are level 6-8. At level 9 you should be well on your way to having done a lot and involved many players. At level 10 the expectation is that you are beginning to work on the retirement story arc and completing the end goal for your character.

    The struggle is that if leveling is too fast these high levels will be reached when there is still a lot of life in the character. We have set the server xp gain on static quests to account for this with a declining percentage and eventually gaining no xp from spawns. Moving forward we will be basing event and RP experience on % of xp needed to next level to standardize these rewards.

    The percentage is determined with a combination of :


    • Minor Plot/One off event
    • Major Plot/Continuation event
    • Personal Plot/Retirement Arc



    • 4-5
    • 6-7
    • 8-9-10

    Role-playing XP is a percentage range independent of level, so as the level increases so does the potential role-playing XP amount.

    Happy Gaming.

    s/b live as of Professor 6541

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