Murmuring of Uncertainty

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Rumors spread of Gondegal having taken sick, and that the normally proactive, impulsive king has languished in his habits and duties. Others claim this is a plot to seek out dissidents who will step forth in a vacuum of authority to try and weaken his reign on the city. Others yet claim that Gondegal has become a changed man, seeking introspection and enlightenment to begin on his path of becoming a legendary figure in the Continent, to gather the faith of his adherents- and rise to become something more.

    Yet- it is certain, the palace is deafening in its silence from an otherwise charismatic king.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    As the silence- and lack of official statement continues, various factions emerge in the city seeking to take advantage of the lack of leadership.

    Misrim actively seeks to promote its fair lady, Islyn, to the masses- as a kind, charitable figure. While the ruffian Vaylan promote the war hero Lady Justyne. The True Sun and Tower have yet to issue any kind of public statement about whom they support- though it's suspected they have their secret favorites.

    Within the Palace, Rouven shouts at the quiet Pericles demanding the king's guard act and reassure the public- Pericles' response is said to have left the priest's arm dangling by bits of bone and sinew- and humbled...

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