Rangers can animal empathy enemies in wildshape

  • Area name: Redwoods - Helms border (I think that's the name)
    Issue Location: Southeast corner
    NPC Name: Forest Troll

    The forest troll wildshaped into a panther while we were fighting it. I then auto-rolled for passive animal empathy and succeeded. Didn't try, but active animal empathy was an available option and I speculate that I would have been able to get a forest troll as an animal companion or at least cruising around with me for a while.

    Also seems funny that a big scary troll would wildshape into a little weakling panther, but w/e, different issue.

    Neverwinter Nights_ Enhanced Edition v78.8186 [4e5d9380] 10_5_2019 9_43_32 PM (2).png

  • Admin [DM]

    Removed wildshape from forest troll - still looking for other examples.


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