Summon weapons/armor

  • Every rat summon except for wizard come as unarmed, rather than with creature weapons! This means that if you wanted to buff your glorious and majestic furry friend you cannot because their vicious claws do not count as claws. Even the wererat doesn't have claws 😞

    Also it appears that Mage Armor works on summons, however Magic Vestments does not because it says they do not wear armor. Not sure if this is because mage armor hax or if it is because it is still applying 1 of all value for npc's while acting differently for pc

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    Trying not to spoil too much but this is how it is reading. Instead of showing a creature weapon it is unarmed. And no cloth armor or hide to buff, but somehow mage armor is working and not giving a no armor error.


  • This applies to other rat summons also, not just this one. Except for the wizard. The wizard has a dagger. Rat wizards are the best thing to happen to any of us. Also rat wizards has brew potion, craft wand, and scribe scroll waggles brows Crafting system almost ready? It's gonna put the Tower out of business.

  • Admin [DM]

    I didnt make the rats (eyes RatBoySpiffy) but will look at them soon. I had intended to redo the theme but time got away from me and we went live.

  • The theme itself is amazing, but all summons will be unable to be weapon buffed. Not just this theme. Because of design! Although with the new changes maybe it'll work. I think it might actually be more of a default nwn limitation that some servers do script magic with to disable

  • Admin [DM]

    Adjustments made v6456
    Test and advise

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