Deity chooser - old gods from v5

  • Area name: New Dawn
    Issue Location: -
    Quest Name: -
    Store Name: Deity Chooser
    NPC Name: Deity Chooser
    NPC Location: NE corner of area
    Server Version: 190913 Puffy 6301
    Screen Shot:
    Time: 14:00 NZDT / 02:00 GMT

    Issue Description:
    Store sells books for some of the v5 (?) deities eg Morvys (so no Leira), Clar Banda, Tyche (so no Tymora or Beshaba). Guess this is a minor cosmetic issue but just something I noticed!

  • Admin [DM]

    @Nymeria said in Deity chooser - old gods from v5:


    Beshaba was in there.
    I changed Tyche to Tymora.
    Replaced Morvys with Leira.
    Removed Clar Banda

    As a bonus I updated as many of the books as I could to represent their deities' symbols.


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