ZQA: Arabel: Kobolds Nest, CAN'T EXIT, can't access chest, ladder & Goblin, boss doesn't drop loot

  • Area name: ZQA: Arabel: Kobolds Nest
    Issue Location: Last room
    Quest Name: Kobolds Nest
    Screen Shot:ZQA, Arabel, Kobolds Nest.png

    The door you enter through is missing a transition to take you back to the sewers.
    All the chests in the last room are facing "away from the door" so you need to go around them to access them. This could be intentional.
    The chest marked in the picture, though, can't be accessed - there seems to be an invisible obstacle on the other side of the chest. Fix: Rotate chest 180 degrees.
    Boss (Kobold Chief) didn't drop loot, not sure if it's supposed to drop.
    Fallen Sapphire Gnome can be accessed, but is empty
    Goblin (labeled Sacrifice) on the altar can't be accessed (not sure if it's ment to be accesible/have loot)
    The exit ladder doesn't touch ground - it's floating. you can't interact with it (interaction "point" seems to be inside of a wall or something)

    As a personal opinion, area should contain more secret rooms >.>. Traps were nice. Would quest again.

  • EDIT: The exit ladder is broken, and there's no transition in the entry door to take you back. You go in, you're stuck until the next reset.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Transition issue fixed.

    Chests turned around.

    Rest is intentional afaik.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Also the funny way the area works is that the dragon statue is resized, but the 2da hit box is the same, which makes for strange behavior, I'll try a fix for it.

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