Wykem Trees

  • Iruna spends time studying botany books, trying to find out what a wykem tree is, or at least what it looks like. She doesn't expect much, though she does show one of the librarians a sample of the healing stalks.

    Mainly, she's trying to figure out if they may be usable in alchemy or woodcraft, and if any living species still exist. Again, she has very strong suspicions that they've long since died out.

  • The Wykem-Tree is a very rare tree that grows in areas where many people have died and their bodies have been left undisturbed for decades. As the tree matures it produces thin stalks along it's trunk which can be harvested for their potent sap which has curative properties.

    The older the tree, the more potent the sap found in these stalks. The only known Wykem Trees left are jealously guarded by Fey, for their rumoured connection to the tree's wooden stalks.