Certain topics on the Moonshaes

  • Iruna spends some time in the library, rooting around for lore about the Moonshaes. In particular, she seeks the names Leviathan, Kamerynnm, and The Pack, as well as a fourth name that may be associated with those three...

  • Admin [DM]

    She finds a passage in a book of old mythologies...

    The Earth Mother saw an empty world, and filled it with forests. It was lacking in beauty, so she breathed into life the first unicorn.

    The Earth Mother saw deep canyons, and filled them with oceans, so that life may live in its depths, and she molded from clay the first whale.

    She saw her children starve, so she took their bones and molded the first wolves, to hunt prey and let them remain healthy.

    Content, she rested, sleeping deep in the Moonshaes, protected by her first children.

    She finds no mention of a fourth.