Conjuration Research

  • Gali's presence at the Library of the Spire within the Citadel seems to be more and more frequent, with each visit being for longer and longer amounts of times. He tries not to bother the librarians too much during his time there, only occasionally asking for a recommendation on a book regarding various creatures and other books on the arcane subject of conjuration itself.

    He constantly brings his own scroll papers and grimoire for his notes and his ink well is fresh every time he visits. He is often seen speaking to himself ever so quietly, if not only moving his lips, all the while frantically writing notes all over the place on the various scrolls. Once an idea is fully formed it seems to be moved over to his grimoire itself.

    The knowledge Gali seeks can be broken down as follows:

    • The creatures known as Guardinals
      • Specifically those of the Musteval variety
    • The creatures known as Rheks
    • Conjuration as it relates to Summoning
      • Specifically how he seems to be able to pull the same exact creature each time depending on the power of the arcane spell
    • Conjuration as it relates to Teleportation
      • Specifically how it relates to the Portals around Arabel

    Besides the many checked out books, all properly put back to their exact spots when Gali is finished, the desk he uses often has many piles of scrolls and his grimoire, along side these Portal Stones he was given. Sometimes the scrolls have not notes, but rough sketches of the creatures he is researching.

  • Head Librarian Sigermane directs the frequent visitor to the book index for future reference. For now, though, he's happy to assist the eager scholar.

    He directs you to three texts: a basic primer on Conjurative magic, the remnants of Senior Magus Ophelia's notes on conjuration foci, and, with a somewhat remorseful tone, Conjurator Azzam's thesis on Gateway Theory.

  • After a period of time Gali returns the books he was directed too. Again and again he thanks the Head Librarian, to the extent that sometimes his country drawl comes out. Gali turns to leave but as he reaches the door some confidence swells in him. He reaches in and pulls out the book he penned himself and turns to the Librarian.

    Excuse me Master Sigermane. After some extensive research here and conversations with Minerva... Gali pauses, realizing Sigermane probably doesn't know who Minerva is Er... conversations with a celestial being, I was able to pen information about the race known as Musteval. This would be the race that Summo... er Conjurers with connection to Celestial planes are able to summon with their first circle spells. Gali hesitantly shows the book to Sigermane, but clearly expecting the Head Librarian to dismiss him Do you know anyone that would be willing to peer review my writing? Gali looks up in thought and returns to the conversation Yeah, peer review. I'm new to this whole world of magic and I'd like to ensure I'm on the correct path before I interview the Rhek I can summon.

    The contents of the book are inclosed but can also be handed off in game if needed

  • Gali provides a more suitable 2nd edition

    The Celestial Summoner: First Circle

    The Musteval by Galianard Von Amerstein

    General Information

    The Musteval are actually one of six subspecies of Guardinals. Like all Guardinals, Musteval originate from not of this Prime Material Plane but from the Plane of Elysium. Although the least powerful of the Guardinals, Mustevals nevertheless are unstinting foes against evil. They serve greater celestials as spies, and they often aid humanoid heroes by delivering information about powerful evil creatures. They are the only Guardinal variety not represented among the Five Companions of Talisid, the Celestial Lion, and harbor some resentment over that fact, which they regard as a simple oversight bound to be corrected very soon.

    Appearance and Personality

    At first glance the Musteval appears to be that of a slim humanoid creature that is crossed with a ferret. Mustevals have an elongated snout, tufted ears, and the furtive eyes of a ferret. Usually they have slender limbs, white fur covering their body, and pink eyes. Mustevals are agile and seldom remain still for long. They typically stand 2 feet tall and weigh 30 pounds. Mustevals are apparently able to speak with any creature that has a language, a trait many celestial beings share. The Musteval I bounded with, Minerva, had at first a cold and almost hostile personality towards me, but gradually showed a warmer and caring side over time.

    Abilities with Which to Confront Evil

    In combat, the Musteval will first protect themselves via the use of the Invisibility spell. Afterwards they will protect their summoner through use of Magic Missile spells. After their spells have been depleated, they have no issues engaging evil in melee combat, though this is a last resort.

    Forming the Summoner's Bond

    Summoners interesting in forming a connection of their own with the Musteval and thus being able to summon them to their side should explore a connection to the celestial plane. There are books within Arabel that speak of the exalted deeds our celestial companions are capable of and would serve as a suitable connection.

  • Apparently either un-phased by the Librarian's lack of interest or just plain naive, Gali goes to add another book on top of his first one still sitting on the desk. Before setting it down he wipes the dust off the first book, sets down the second one, smiles at the Librarian, and takes his leave

    The Celestial Summoner: Second Circle

    The Rhek by Galianard Von Amerstein

    General Information

    The Rhek actually originally hail from somewhere on our very own Material Plane. Rheks try to impose order upon a chaotic multiverse, doing their best to crush evil wherever they find it. As such, when the Plane of Arcadia's third layer dissolved, a planar faction called the Harmonium reached out to the Rhek. Thus the Rhek were willingly brought to Arcadia and helped restore order in the wake of such a cataclysmic event. Meticulous in seeing that everything is kept in its proper place, the Rhek have a low tolerance for unpredictable beings. They enforce order through violence, but they are not bloodthirsty.

    Appearance and Personality

    The sight of the Rhek is one of a a hulking humanoid which combines the features of a human and a rhinoceros. Gleaming armor tends to cover their leathery, pale-gray hide, and all Rhek have a great black horn jutting from the middle of their forehead. They typically stand 7 feet tall and weigh 350 pounds. Rhek are actually able to speak the Common language as their ancestors originate from the Material Plane. The Rhek I bounded with, Grandark, has a beat up evil, no time for small talk type of personality. When he does speak, it's typically in short sentances if not one word answers.

    Abilities with Which to Confront Evil

    In combat, the Rhek will charge halberd or horn first at the nearest enemy and then try to overpower their opponent. If they are not in the thick of the melee, it is only a matter of time before they are.

    Forming the Summoner's Bond

    Summoners interesting in forming a connection of their own with the Rhek and thus being able to summon them to their side should explore a connection to the celestial plane. There are books within Arabel that speak of the exalted deeds our celestial companions are capable of and would serve as a suitable connection.

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