Eesha submits a book to the library.

  • With a great smile on her face, Eesha submits her magnum opus to the library. A somewhat messily leather bound book with the words: "Eesha's ABC's" written on it's face. The contents are written somewhat neater than the title and are as follows (complete with pictorial depictions for each letter):

    A is for Axe. The tempans dead prophet.
    B is for Bane. Fear only Bane.
    C is for club. Good for bashing!
    D is for dead. Like the Axe.
    E is for Eesha. Eesha is Eesha.
    F is for fire. For burning heretics.
    G is for green. One of Bane's colours.
    H is for Heretic. Filthy filthy heretics.
    I is for insult. Insult all Banes enemies.
    J is for jingle. Don't do that.
    K is for Karl.
    L is for Lord. Praise Lord Bane.
    M is for midnight. His most sacred hour.
    N is for nasty. Kill all the nasties.
    O is for order. Always obey orders.
    P is for prayer. Pray to Lord Bane
    Q is for queen. Give thanks to all tyrants.
    R is for rage. Hatred guides Bane's chosen.
    S is for Strangle.
    T is for tyrant. Praise the Tyrant-god.
    U is for Ugly. Ugly ugly tempans.
    V is for Voice. Listen to the Voice.
    W is for Warden. He rules the city.
    X is for Xylophone
    Y is for You. You obey Bane.
    Z is for nothing. Useless letter.

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