A Proper Akadi Sermon

  • It started innocently enough, recounting a mishap at an earlier venture...

    Then the hunt began-- and what’s an Akadi themed outing without air elementals? The goddess is with us, clearly!

    Oh…. Well. Now what?

    We kick its ass, that’s what.

    Knocked down, tied up and ready to go for a flight!

    Fifty thousand wyverns in the world and we find the masochist of the bunch-- he puts the moves on Edith with an awesome mating display.

    Up, up and away!

    Back down to earth- it was such a short flight… You see, what happened was...

    What happened was…

    Alas poor Wyvern, we knew you well.

    Jon making things weird again.

    Big thanks to everyone who went on that and saw the fallout (HEH) it was great fun from start to finish.

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