Dwarfven pride

  • Is there Rp for dwarfven battle cleric or maybe a dwarfven cleric/dd..

  • Storyteller [DM]

    While the dwarf specific plots have died down, there are plenty of plots for a mercenary dwarf. Those are fairly common after all.

  • Yes but I also wish too earn the dwarven defender class . I do not think it's able too be done if I am merc dwarf ?

  • The Dwarven Defender represents the tenacity of their race, both in discourse and combat. They are often sponsored in some way, be it through a holy purpose, direct acknowledgement of one of the Morndinsamman, or the patronage of dwarven society. In combat, the defender will often utilize their shields or their own bodies as solid walls, daring their foes to crash upon them and flounder. The Defender is often the first line of defense called upon by their respective Holds, willing to sacrifice themselves if it means the preservation of their people and their culture. Defenders for this reason are often considered the "unmovable pillars upon which Holds are built."

    •Sponsorship from a dwarven deity or high nobility (ex., King or Queen). Sponsorship of a single Laird does not count, though the collective acknowledgement from multiple Lairds might.
    •Must demonstrate clear leadership skills and capacity among other dwarf PCs. Being able to accomplish this without DM assistance is a must.
    •Furthermore, the prospective dwarven defender should be a representative of dwarven societies and agendas within and around Arabel.

    •Prestige and recognition among virtually all dwarven societies you may encounter in-game.
    •A weapon or armor to signify your status.
    •Potential for other perks based on story and current setting.

    Tips to Earn
    •Champion the dogma of one of the Morndinsamman as a paladin.
    •Earn the favor of the monarchy of Thunderholme through brave adventures.
    •Unite the Lairds against a single major cause.

    So this would hard too get as merc dwarf

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The one dwarven defender I am aware of started out as a dwarven loner who rose to become the Captain of the Thunderhammers of thunderholme and earned DD, eventually turning into an NPC with his own clan beneath him.

    Humble origins and all that. 🙂

  • you make a good point

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