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  • a friend of mine might be starting a server maybe next year… our questiong is simply can we use copper,silver,gold etc via scripting?


    Timmy goes up to vender and buys a longsword via conversation window...and the server subtracts the amount from payers script..somehow

    as you can see i am no scripter by any length of the imgenation.. I am more of the quest and ideas man

  • You could do it I guess, but it sounds kind of complicated for a detail.

    You'll have to rescript a bunch of monetary functions like (or make an equivalent for your currency system):
    GetGold Gets the amount of gold that a creature possesses.
    GetGoldPieceValue Determines the value of an item in gold pieces.
    GetReactionAdjustment Gets the adjusted Reaction for the purposes of store pricing.
    GetStoreGold Returns the amount of gold a store currently has
    GetStoreIdentifyCost Determines how much a store charges to identify items
    GetStoreMaxBuyPrice Gets the maximum amount a store will pay for any item
    GiveGoldToAll Gives an amount of gold to each PC in a PC's party
    GiveGoldToAllEqually Divides a given amount of gold equally among PCs in a PC's party
    GiveGoldToCreature Creates the specified amount of gold on the creature.
    HasGold Determines if a player has more than a certain amount of gold on them.
    RewardGP Gives gold as a reward to a player and possible their party members.
    RewardPartyGP Give gold to PC or PC's entire party
    SetStoreGold Sets the amount of gold a store has
    SetStoreMaxBuyPrice Sets the maximum amount a store will pay for any item
    TakeGold Removes a given amount of gold from the targets inventory, and optionally removes it from the game.
    TakeGoldFromCreature Takes a specified amount of gold away from a creature.

    NWN was really based to work with gold pieces only.
    If this is for RP purpose here is what I suggest. Use the NWN system, but consider that gold pieces are copper pieces. Whenever a merchant says it will cost you a silver piece, take 10(nwn)gp, whenever he asks for a gold piece, take 100(nwn)gp. Don't forget to add price multipliers in your shops (for buying and selling) to adjust it to the price you want.

  • Also, check the vault for prebuilt worlds that use copper, silver and gold. I played a PW a while back (I forget the name now) that used it. I think he said it was standard in one of the base module systems.

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