The Scriptorium Mandate

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    The Scriptorium Mandate

    The Preamble
    This contract is between the Scriptorium of Arabel, represented by Scholar Bhaldor Stonewall and the Crown of Cormyr, represented by Audatha Telrost, Minister of Justice. This contract seeks to formalize roles undertaken by the Scriptorium of Arabel. It will define the powers, duties, responsibilities and conditions the Scriptorium has over the Ancient Netherese Ruins of Greater Chouthal, thereafter known as the Ruins, as well as other matters.

    Regarding the Shon-Calednei Treaty of Loross…

    • The Ruins is a demilitarized area that will not be disturbed by any major armed force;

    • Cormyr retains complete rights to any and all Netherese ruins, artifacts, magic and any other knowledge related to or of the civilization of Old Netheril as their lawful possessions, if they are found in Cormyr and have not been stolen or otherwise illegally procured from Shade;

    • Both Cormyr and the Shadovar gives up all claims and experiments related to the Rift.

    The Crown of Cormyr shall…

    • Declare the Ancient Netherese Ruins of Greater Chouthal as Crownlands, as defined by the Shon-Calednei Treaty;

    • Declare the Rift to be under a permanent Ban, and any manipulation to be subject to extermination;

    • Grant Custodianship of the Ruins to the Scriptorium as a body of Scholars and Researchers;

    • Designate the Scriptorium as a consultative agency on matters pertaining to magic, knowledge and lore in Arabel;

    • Grant Contraband Permits to the Scriptorium, to facilitate research into difficult areas of Magic and History, via a list of names provided by the Scriptorium;

    • Outlaw the Hollowmen and the Cults of the Rift.

    The Scriptorium Shall…

    • Send weekly reports on research being conducted in the Ruins;

    • Enact measures to defeat the Aberration Menace in the Ruins;

    • Prevent by any measure any attempt to reopen or experiment with the Rift, or damage the seals placed upon it;

    • Store, Study and Safeguard Relics and Lore of Netherese origin;

    • Be allowed to reasonably examine and catalog items of Netherese origin in private possession, without claim of ownership;

    • Report dangerous or illegal activity to the various City and Crown authorities, such as the Purple Dragons, Militia and Ministry;

    • Upon request, furnish the various City and Crown authorities with a report on if a Pact has been established by an individual;

    • Establish a secure Scriptorium Vault, known as the Vault of Ages, as a depository of Relics, with the same rights of the Mystran Vault;

    • Petition the Ministry to ban interlopers from the Ruins, who are working against the good of the City of Arabel, be it through Research of the Unknown, or the Manipulation of Unsanctioned Magics, or other reasons. If Petition is granted, Interlopers will be defined as Trespassers on Crown Lands.

    Both sides agree…

    1. This contract may be terminated if the Scriptorium fails to send two reports in a row, or if Capital Crimes are committed by members of the Scriptorium of Scholar rank or higher.

    2. If part of this contract is broken, a Minister or Crown Judge will define proper fines and compensations to be paid to the ones harmed by it.

    3. This contract does not possess an expiration date. It may be undone by mutual agreement and signature of both parts.

    As finding this to be true, right and just to all, the parties involved now sign.

    Audatha Telrost

    Representative of the Crown of Cormyr

    Bhaldor Stonewall

    Representative of the Scriptorium of Arabel

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