Logging Problem

  • After quite some time, im trying to set up the game so i can log back in to CoA.
    The problems im encountering are:

    I cannot download the critical rebuild
    When i try to update certain files from the downloader this appears: Invalid archive:open/read error! Is it encrypted… and i cant read the rest of the message that appears on some files that cannot be updated.
    I tried to follow the steps by changing the name in the downloader, but it says the versions dont match the servers

    Any ideas how i can fix this?

  • Yes i downloaded the file and re installed the game and the CoA installer but it says the same thing for some files…

    Invalid archive: Read/Error!
    If your archive is an exotic one....

    I cant seem to be able to fix this in any way i know...

  • These are the files that cannot be updated:


  • I need some serious help with those missing files…

  • just to make things clear, the game itself is installed and working, what is bugging on your end are the haks?

    I take it you downloaded the launcher and something is not working?
    Does the launcher work or its what you have having trouble installing? You have to make sure you download it using internet explorer.

    Did you try to download them manually? viewtopic.php?p=856708
    Make sure you have 7z tools. There is a link at the bottom.

    We would need more details on what steps you have taken and where it is not working.

  • The downloader doesn't acquiring the haks i mentioned. The game isn't working. I cannot log in, since the downloader can't get the haks im missing… 😕 I will try and get them manually now. Where do i save the files? when i download them?

  • Are you running it in administrative mode?

  • Okay so its just a hak issue and not a game one. (your nwn works fine, but you cannot log in Arabel itself cause no hak)

    From the link I gave you to download manually, you put everything in the hak folder except the last two listed at the bottom. Follow the instruction in the thread. You will find the link to 7z there too if you do not have it.

    link for quick access

  • I downloaded the missing haks. All good. Thank you all for your help fellas 🙂

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