The name Thynraal

  • Salazar enters the libary and asks for information on the name Thynraal

  • The Librarian Tells him that the name does not ring a bell off the top of his head, but also tells him to come back in a day after he has had a bit of time to do some research.

  • The Librarian summons Salazar back to the Library to go over the references he has found…

    The Assault on Everlund, from the histories of Luruar (commonly referred to as the Silver Marches)

    Considered to be one of the most brutal attacks in Everlund's history, the attack of the half orc Thynraal took place in the year 869. A small band of orcs and half orcs lead by Thynraal crept into the city in the darkest hours of the night, and began slaughtering indiscriminately. To make things worse, they used necromancy to raise their victims enlarging their forces three times over. Were it not for an adventuring elf from Silvery moon named Dilotheus and his human and dwarven companions passing through the city, many believe that the forces of Thynraal would have succeeded, but the companions were quite skilled if not yet well known at this point and were able to defeat the foul gathering. Thynraal himself, however, was able to escape. To this day no one likes to talk about the events, as there were quite a few incidents of parents having to put down their now undead children.

    The Lady Wolf of Silverymoon, from the histories of Luruar (commonly referred to as the Silver Marches)

    The Hostile takeover of Silverymoon in 876 by its own army commander, the warlord Lashtor, led to one of the darkest times in the city's history. He destroyed many of the city's beautiful structures and slaughtered many of the mages that made the city what it was, enlightened to the point of being called a new Myth Drannor. His rule did not last even a year however, as a mage known as the Lady Wolf was able to depose him with the help of her adventuring allies such as the now famous elf Dilotheus.

    The Lady Wolf, who's name was Tanalanthara Mytersaal, quickly ushered in the return to the enlightened ways of silverymoon. For six years she ruled over the city, until she met her tragic end sacrificing herself to stop an attacking horde of orcs led by the vile necromancer half orc, Thynraal. The city was saved, but with its leader gone they were forced to pick the next High mage of the city, choosing Tanisell the Cloaked.

    A brief passage from the history book called "The Heroes and Villains of the Silvermarches"

    The scene was set for an epic face off on one of the highest peaks of the spine of the world back in the year of 882. Finally, Dilotheus would face off against his arch nemesis Thynraal, after defeating the terrible half orc's army with the heroic forces of Silverymoon. The victory did not come without cost, however, as the loss of the Lady Wolf Tanalanthara Mytersaal only a few short years after she led the liberation of silverymoon from the warlord Lashtor would be felt through out all of the North West.

    Dilotheus insisted on climbing the peeks alone to face off with Thyraal. He had hunted the half orc for years, long before the beast went so far as to assemble a large force of orcs to lead against Silverymoon, and knew that he alone was responsible for seeing this force of evil finally meet its end.

    Some scouts had gotten close enough to the face off despite Dilotheus's insistence that everyone stay back, which has lead to much confusion and gossip as rumor began to spread from there. Some stories have the two killing each other with a fatal blur, while others claim that the wind came alive and ended them both. While no one can say for certain, the question of what happened to these two mortal enemies has been a topic of debate among many scholars over the years, most of whom while disagreeing on details seem to have come to a consensus that something else was there that killed them both.

    For the next 300 years or so, there were mysterious incidents that involved people claiming to have seen one of these two famous figures of the North West, which only added further conspiracy to fuel the casual obsession.

    As a side note, since the name Dilotheus appears so often in the reasearch on Thynraal, the Librarian mentions a man who had come in recently looking into all the library had on the elf named Dilotheus. Apparently he left contact information should anything new be discovered. Greggor Talifyne, at the Fine Hells inn.

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