Portrait Pack

  • http://nwvault.ign.com/View.php?view=Po ... il&id=3588

    Go here if you want a massive load of portraits. Download the file, run it and install. It auto-downloads to your portait folder.


  • Oh and you can also use those available for CoA from our website.

    Look on the left under Portrait Packs.

  • Hi, I couldn't find any threads anywhere that explained this so I figured I'd make one.

    I saw the Custom portraits thread and couldn't help but notice that everyone was doing it the hard way.
    So I figured I'd start a new portrait thread with a quick and easy way to add portraits to your NWN from within the game itself!

    Here goes: You can essencially add someone's portrait to nwn or make your own by simply dragging the jpeg of that portrait into your portaits folder… Then when in game you just type a simple command with the name of that portrait in it, and boom done. You can from then on see that persons portrait, or use it yourself if you want.


    1: Place a .JPG into your "/portraits/" directory where you installed NWN (Usualy its "C:\NeverwinterNights\portraits"). If there isn't a folder called portraits, create one.

    2: Hop on NwN and get in game, doesn't matter if its offline or online.

    3: Start the console (that yellow > text in the top left of your screen) by hitting the tilde key "~" (which is usualy in the upper left hand corner of your keyboard)

    4: Type "Conv" and then hit the Tab key which will auto complete the command "ConvertPortrait" for you… or you could just write the whole thing yourself (remember, commands are CaSe SeNsItIvE)

    5: Add to that the name of your image. For example "Lumomancer", don't add the .jpg extension to the text, it should end up looking something like (> ConvertPortrait Lumomancer).

    6: This automaticaly turns the portrait into all the different sized files needed for nwn and automaticaly adds them to your game. Note that you won't see the changes until you log off then back on.

    Note that the Jpeg image has to be of the right size in order to be a portrait, you can easily set that up with any draw tool. It has to be roughly 256 pixels wide by 512 pixels high, the game takes care of the rest.

    Try using my characters portrait to see if you've got the trick 😃


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