Frad researching Tilverton.

  • After spending the better part of an afternoon browsing the shelves Frad Blin halfling extrodinare approaches the librarian with several volumes on Shar, tilverton, and the battle that happened there.

    "Evening! Have you done something with your hair? Because it is /so/ working. What do you mean what do I want? sighs I'm looking for some info on the curse that plagues tilverton specifically the effects, info on current residents, and any info on what sort of info you have on what's keeping the doors locked there magic or mundane. He holds up a sketch drawn detailing the doors appearence and notes describing it, and his attempts at unlocking them

  • Admin [DM]

    The librarian tells him to search the bookshelves.

    //if you do a search for Tilverton you will find what we have//

  • //Thought I've read everything. Guess not. Doh!

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