Creature items

  • OKay I'm stuck at a point in changing a player's looks.

    I'm having an issuse finding how to make the old creature skins disapear or be destroyed, and I can't find the PC properties in the toolset to find the tag. I understand the scripting part.

    Anyone knwo the Tag of the PC Skin?

  • PC's have no skin unless you equip one on them with a script.

    You can use:

    object oPC = ;
    object oSkin = GetItemInSlot(INVENTORY_SLOT_CARMOUR, oPC);
    if (GetIsObjectValid(oSkin) {
    // if oPC has a skin run this part of the code
    } else
    // if oPC has none, run this part instead

    to get the creature skin on oPC.

  • When I equip said skin to the PC, a skin appears in the inventory labeled PC Properties. Thought is was wierd.

    Thanks again Snowy.

  • Delete any skin already in place before applying a new one?
    Unless the first skin has an important function?

  • I think the skin that I'm seeing is for riding horses. The description says something along those lines. I've bypassed any issuse I'm having by emptying the PC inventory completely.

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