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  • The Death of Revus

    The night was surprisingly warm as the young woman ventured into the slums. The winter had finally been beaten by the coming of the fall. Yet it was not the weather which was on the mind of the young woman. It had been a long time since she had ventured into her old home of the beggars nest, or the slums as this part of the city was generally known as. Old buildings housing the poorest part of the city, or the Forgotten Folk as they often referred themselves as. The young woman was dressed in long, soft, black leather boots of the highest fashion, tight leather pants, elegant gloves, and a black plate covering her torso. A skull imprinted on her chest, the odd metal plate seemed almost to consist of bone. At her side hung a beautiful golden longsword, and to top it all off, a dark blue luck cloak, given by Lord Darmos himself for services rendered. Looking down at herself, she smiles weakly at how much her clothing reflected the last four years of her life. Had it not been for her adventures, she would still be dressed in rags and fighting desperately to just get food. Or perhaps she would be one of the prostitutes at the Three bars, the very goal of her little walk down memory lain. As she neared the door to the infamous inn, she quickly removed the peace knob on her sword before she opened the door, and ventured into the den of evil as she and Cordova usually referred it as.
    She walked directly towards the guard at the door to the basement, handed him a handful of gold pieces before walking past him, into the three bars, to meet with her most dangerous nemesis. She blinked a few times as she descended the stairs, trying desperately to get her vision adjusted to the extreme darkness that hung all over the den of thieves and cutthroats. “Kitten?” she said loudly, glancing around the basement, looking for her contact. Two large men, likely remembering her from her last entry in the bars, got up from their seats and slowly made their way towards the young woman. The two were enforcers. The first had been the one who had beaten Alex, and he was also the tallest one. The small one, an ugly man with a much displaced nose, usually worked as the brain for the two thugs. “Here for another brawl wench?” the smallest one asked, his hand already reaching for the dagger on his back. “If I were here for a brawl your nose would already be broken, midget” As the small one seemed to make a move for his dagger, a woman, with extremely white hair, almost silvery, and an eye patch appeared out of thin air. “Settle down gentlemen, she is here as a guest. Rebecca, always a pleasure.” “Its Sasha now, my dear Faye, but you most likely already knew that.” The young woman said, inclining her head respectfully. As the two thugs ventured back to their drinking game, Faye led Rebecca into a small office in the basement, closed the door, and gestured to a chair. “So, my dear vigilante, you asked to see me?” the silvery haired woman said, as she began to clean her unnaturally long nails. “That I did” Rebecca replied, continuing the false respect which the Thief lieutenant and Harper usually showed each other when crossing paths. “I need your help in capturing Revus. He has been fortunate to escape my wrath for too long, and I am running out of patience.” “Ah yes, the foolish assassin who were unlucky enough to try and cross a Harper” Faye said, a slight smile showed itself on her face, before her face once more returned to the icy, emotionless mask that had earned the werecat such a reputation. “What makes you think I can help or, more importantly, that I even have a wish to help you?” Faye asked, her eyes sending a cold chill down Rebecca’s spine. “Beside the fact that he hides down here? I am sure your superiors have as little wish for my people storming this inn as mine do, dear Faye. But to be fair. What do you want in return for giving me Revus?” Rebecca asked, in a tone that indicated that now was the time to negotiate…

    The sewers were slimy, cold and smelly. Rebecca hated being here, yet when a Harper had to kill, the sewers had, and always would, be the best place to do such. Faye had shown her precisely where to wait for the assassin who had survived on his luck for too long. Faye had been much more willing to negotiate the life of the young man than Rebecca could have hoped when she had asked for the meeting. But then again, Rebecca knew that Faye was far from unintelligent. Revus had been stupid enough to attack a Harper, a Harper who was under the protection of the War Wizards. Revus and his comrades had assassinated a young Halfling merchant and Cordova and done her best to avenge the merchant’s death. Yet Cordova had been taken by surprise by Theilobars’ favoured brute, a banite of extreme strength. So after having robbed Cordova, they had thrown her in jail in Wyvernwater, and taken her pin. The pin part had been enough for the harpers to send their best agent, Greycastle, the leader of the cell to Cordovas aid. In an act that Bandobaris would have been envious of, Greycastle had teleported into the Wyvernwater guardhouse, taken down 4 guards, stolen a uniform and sprung Cordova from her cell. The retaliation from the Harpers had been enormous. Revus’ accomplish, a druegar, had survived less than 24 hours. The entire garrison had less than 48 hours been attacked by Cordova and two friends, where Cordova, though she hadn’t killed any, had shown what happens when you mess with her. But Revus had survived. For more than a week, he had survived. Rebecca had of course used every resource available to hunt him down. More than 50 of her agents were looking for him, hunting him, and still he had managed to survive.
    So now, all she had to do was to wait. Wait in the slimy, disgusting sewers deep beneath the Three Bars, waiting for the man who thought he could survive Harper justice. And suddenly, he was there. Revus turned his head, and for but a moment, the world stood still for the hunter and the prey. And then he ran. Rebecca drew one of her wands, and aimed it at him. “Swush”, and she missed. “Damnit”, she thought to herself, drew her sword and began the hunt. As she turned the corner, he had almost reached the end of the bridge that connected the southern sewers with the eastern. “Swush” the wand said again, but this time he wasn’t so fortunate. “Face justice you little runt” Rebecca yelled, as she launched at him, magic missiles shooting from a wand in her hand, while the other swung her sword with deadly accuracy towards Revus helpless body.
    Bleeding badly, Revus laid on the cold sewer floor, looking up at the woman he had escaped from for so long, the woman who had once been in love with the charming thief. Yet something had changed. Her eyes were no longer warm and friendly; there were no smile on her face. She looked down at him for but a moment, before placing the tip of the sword at his throat. “You made a mistake Revus, you crossed the Harpers. No one does that, and survives.” And then she pierced his throat. She gathered his belongings, placed the corpse in an old cloak. After carrying him to the old ruins under the graveyard, she threw him into the dark below the broken bridge. Emotionless, she ventured back to the Three Bars, handed the werecat the dagger it had been promised. As she ventured back towards her hideout, she suddenly realised, that she had just become an assassin herself, killing another in cold blood, in a planned act. Instead of returning to her hideout, she walked to the ladies house, and praised for forgiveness, suddenly realising that she was no better than the people she fought against.

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  • A tale of an old band of villains, one of my favourite DM quests


    Unia frowned across the table to Vrugar. She had been waiting for almost an hour and still there was no sign of the allies Vrugar had promised. ‘Sword mens be here soon’, the half-orc slathered as she spoke, spraying Unia with a fine mist of spittle. Unia drew a pristine white handkerchief from her pocket and wiped her face clean primly. ‘This frost giant had better be as wealthy as you say he is Vrugar. My time is extremely valuable, and I do not appreciate it being wasted.’ It was a bizarre tale and Unia was not sure whether she believed it. She had a lot of enemies, and while she didn’t suspect Vrugar of being one of them she could well imagine her being a stooge to them, knowingly or otherwise. Still, the promise of great riches was always worth investigating, and Unia was confident in her own abilities to escape any situation.

    Vrugar had come to Unia as naked as a hatchling from the swamp, her eyes wild, raving about being eaten. A little calming had solicited from her a tall tale of gathering herbs in the Stormhorn mountains and chancing across the lair of a frost giant, a lair containing more than its fair share of gold and gems. At some point the giant seemed to have spotted Vrugar and killed her. Vrugar had evidently managed to return to the land of the living, but Unia had not paid particular attention to such trivial details. The gold and gems, however, were of great interest to Unia indeed. An exceedingly large amount, according to the half-orc, and guarded by a solitary giant. Unia had taken great pleasure in displaying her own affluence to a wide-eyed Vrugar on several occasions, and so trusted the half-orc’s ability to assess the true value of a hoard. If it had not been for the logistical problem of carrying all the loot, Unia would have been running there to fill her pockets before Vrugar finished her story, but she congratulated herself for her restraint. This way she could be sure of bringing back the whole load and with the minimum of effort. Still, it left her here in the slums, a place that was not safe for her, awaiting the arrival of a couple of unspecified grunts to do her heavy lifting.

    Even before she saw him, Unia smelled his familiar musk. She looked at Vrugar with a haughty face of disdain. ‘I know you’re well accustomed to insects, Vrugar, but you’ve really turned over a big rock to dig up this one’ she allowed herself a small smirk, hoping he had heard the insult and taken it to heart. She turned slowly and smiled a dazzling smile, her white teeth set off beautifully against her flawless golden skin, ‘Nathan my darling, how are you?’ ‘In the best of health, Unia, despite your rather pitiful continued attempts to kill me,’ the swordsman answered without feeling. Behind him, the priest of Velsharoon, Marad Arathad, nodded politely, as unfazed as ever. ‘Unia, Vrugar. A pleasure as always.’ Unia wished the pair would respond more to her attempts to goad and taunt them to anger. She vowed to try harder in the future.

    As they sat around the table, Unia wondered whether Vrugar understood the bad blood between herself and Nathan Wayne. Sometimes she wondered whether Vrugar understood much at all. She had never known such an ugly and wretched creature, and yet the half-orc clearly held great favour with her savage god, Gruumsh No-Eyes or whoever it was. As with most things that did not involve her directly, Unia paid as little attention as was necessary to get by with the maximum amount of personal profit. Sometimes she was sure Vrugar was more intelligent than she let on, but she was also sure that whatever wits she possessed, hidden or otherwise, were dwarfed compared to her own enormous intellect, and that was all that mattered. The same went for Marad and Nathan. Far too stupid to pose any real threat to her, despite how hard they might try.

    ‘Goods, goods!’ Vrugar smiled a hideous smile, her tusks prominent ‘All persons here and time to go!’ she made to rise. ‘Wait one moment Vrugar,’ Nathan reached out to stop Vrugar, and she sat back down in her chair looking bewildered, ‘You never mentioned the witch. She’ll stab us in the back as soon as our guard is down and besides, the three of us can handle any frost giant without her.’ He fixed Unia with a rugged glare. ‘Don’t be so paranoid Nathan, that was all just a little misunderstanding, and besides, you know that you do need me, though I don’t ask you to admit it. Please, let’s not dwell on who tried to kill who when there is something of higher import at stake here. From what Vrugar tells me, there’s treasure enough for all four of us. By the shadows, I promise that I will neither begrudge you your fair share nor attempt harm on your person in this endeavour.’ Unia wondered whether he ever believed her falsehood but it didn’t really matter to her. She would get her way in the end.

    ‘You swear your honesty to me by the name of the god of lies, Unia? You’re even more brazen than I thought.’ ‘For you Nathan, I always seek to better myself.’ Unia grinned. Nathan leant back in his chair. Marad did likewise and the two exchanged whispers. Unia tried without success to overhear what they were saying, presumably discussing their chances of using this situation to put her out of the picture without endangering their prospects of the giant’s treasure. Vrugar looked on blankly, occasionally glancing between Unia and the two men. The whispering subsided and the pair rose slowly. It was Marad who spoke, as Nathan fixed Unia with a steely gaze. ‘A truce, for the betterment of all concerned.’ He extended a mailed fist. Unia took it and shook it. As the priest released his hold, Unia turned to Nathan and offered him her hand. He grasped it roughly and began to squeeze. ‘Now now, I need that for my magic, to keep you safe out there.’ Unia tried not to show the pain his grip was causing her but it took all her discipline to keep her from screaming out loud. He smirked at her and it was clear her attempts had not been entirely successful. As he turned to leave she cursed under her breath and shook her hand to try and recover the circulation. Vrugar motioned to offer some remedy but Unia shook her head angrily and stalked out after the swordsman. Vrugar trailed along, meekly.

    The party trekked out silently into the mountains, through the forests, their journey uneventful. As they reached the foothills of the Stormhorns the wind whipped up and a storm approached. Unia wondered if she had angered any Aurilites recently. It was probable. ‘Not fars to go,’ Vrugar seemed untouched by the cold. Unia shivered and thought of the money that would soon be all hers, crowned hopefully by the deaths of Nathan and Marad. As Vrugar led the group onwards Unia looked around for landmarks finding none, yet still the half-orc seemed certain of her direction. With a cacophony of screeching a frenzied blur of white wings and claws descended from the sky, wyrmlings. Unia dived behind a snowdrift and watched as the other three drove them off. She grinned, warmed slightly by the sight of Nathan being raked across the chest by one of the beasts, but soon they triumphed and the creatures all lay dead across the landscape. Unia hoped the mother was not near.

    Nathan kept his sword held high as he approached the hiding Unia. She stood calmly and held his gaze. ‘You’re dead weight Unia, as always. And soon to be dead in more ways than one.’ He lifted the sword to strike her down but measured his stroke masterfully to pass by her cheek without touching it. She could feel the blade as it rushed by her skin, a hair’s breadth away. She smirked at him and congratulated herself on his impotent rage, as with his free hand he bent slightly and punched her as hard as he could in the stomach. The blow caught her off-guard and bent her double, expelling the air from her lungs completely, lifting her off her feet and sending her sprawling helpless in the snow. As Unia scrabbled to regain her senses and choked back tears Nathan kicked her again in the stomach, rolling her onto her back. He stood on her chest and aimed his sword at her throat. Her attempts to breathe became more and more desperate as she lay pinned to the ground and he increased the pressure inexorably. She tried to raise a spell against the swordsman but without breath she had no words. She was dimly aware of Marad restraining Vrugar in the background and knew that she was entirely at Nathan’s mercy.

    She looked deep into his unrelenting eyes and tried to look as pitiful as she could. It pained her deeply to do so, but she knew he would relish it and right now she had to make sacrifices just to try and survive. The moment seemed to last an eternity but she felt the pressure lift from her chest and she breathed in desperate relief, convulsing in the snow. As she closed her eyes, she heard Nathan laugh and felt a familiar spray across her face as Vrugar rushed over. ‘Vrugar heals the hurts, Vrugar heals the hurts!’ the half-orc sounded close to abject panic as she fumbled her pack in the snow and reached toward the sack of leeches and assorted unguents she called her medical bag. Unia shook her head weakly and gestured to her own pack. Vrugar nodded and took out a green, sweet smelling potion. As Unia drank the fluid slowly a little warmth returned to her features and she sat up slowly. Her vision cleared and she saw Marad and Nathan stood a small distance away, watching her. Marad’s face unreadable as always, Nathan grinning broadly.

    ‘Are you going to lie there loafing all day Unia, or are we going to find this treasure?’ Nathan’s mocking words echoed across the snow. Unia pulled her hood low over her face and tried to stop crying, pushing away Vrugar’s anxious attempt to help her to her feet. It was all she could do to keep close to the pace as the party continued their trek through the mountains and on several occasions they had to pause for her to catch up, each time Nathan grinning to her, clenching and unclenching his mailed fist pointedly. Unaware of her surroundings she stumbled on and did not notice the cave until they were almost on top of it. Deep and dark it loomed, five times as tall as a man. ‘This is the one, Vrugar?’ Marad gestured loosely to the entrance. Vrugar nodded to the affirmative. ‘We fight him here,’ Nathan vowed determined, ‘Ready yourselves.’ The group drew their weapons in accordance. Nathan bellowed a challenge down the cave, a challenge that was answered by a deep rumbling closely followed by the barking of a pack of wolves.

    ‘I thought you said this giant was alone!’ Nathan hissed. ‘Vrugar is sorries, stupid, stupid Vrugar!’ Vrugar knelt in the snow and bowed to Nathan. ‘Not now you cretin!’ he cursed as a dozen or more winter wolves rushed out of the cave, closely followed by a frost giant larger than any Unia had ever seen before. She intoned a spell of invisibility quickly and checked her escape route. As the battle commenced she slipped away and tried to remember how to get to safety, but in her addled state it was impossible. She seemed safe for now with the wolves and the giant pre-occupied with the rest of the group, but would she be able to make it back down on her own? It seemed highly doubtful. Glancing behind her she saw that the battle was too close to call. Half the wolves had fallen and the giant had taken a deep wound to the thigh, but Marad was limping heavily and barely able to fend off the bites of the remaining wolves. Vrugar had taken a leaf from Unia’s book and shrouded herself unseen. Not so stupid after all, Unia thought. Nathan stood alone with the giant, the pair locked in deadly combat. Nathan was by far the quicker and managing to land blows on the giant frequently, but the minor wounds didn’t seem to slow it down at all. The giant’s superior size and strength looked to be winning the day.

    With a carefully chosen intervention, Unia reckoned she could perhaps swing the battle in the favour of the two humans. Their deaths were a tempting prospect for the wizardess, but she knew they were liable to be followed closely by her own. Those were morsels she wanted to savour slowly and fully, at her leisure. Not here, not like this. Reaching for her spellbook she turned to the freshest pages, to a new spell she had learnt recently but never tested outside of the sanctuary of the university. She read the words slowly and carefully, and she felt a surge of immense power grow inside her. Her hands began to glow with a fire that burned first red, then yellow and finally white, though she felt no heat. As the incantation reached its climax she raised her hands and aimed them toward the melee, closing her eyes deep in concentration to direct flaming arrows of pure magical energy into the throng. Feeling the presence of the combatants, she resisted the impulse to thrust the arrows deep into the hearts of Nathan and Marad and instead directed them at the giant and his pack of hounds. As fireballs erupted the wolves fell down as one, utterly consumed by the flames. The giant was rocked off its feet as the force of the magic struck it. As the giant staggered, Nathan took his chance and drove his sword deep into its heart, releasing his grip on the handle as it was taken by the monster’s mighty death throes. He stood back calmly and watched its seizures subside before strolling over to its corpse and pulling his sword out, wiping it clean before replacing it in its scabbard. ‘About time you made yourself useful, Unia.’ Unia smiled to him, trying to look superior but knowing it was a weak attempt. Still, the show of power must surely have impressed him and hopefully even surprised him a little. ‘A pleasure, my sweet. Now do be a good boy and retrieve that treasure, would you?’

    The party was not to be disappointed; the giant’s hoard was even larger than Vrugar had promised. Perhaps more travelers had fallen to the creature recently. The group could barely lift their packs laden as they were with riches. They set off back for civilization, happy to set aside their differences for a little while. Vrugar grinned contented, her thirst for vengeance sated. Unia and Nathan smirked, their spirits lifted by their new-found wealth. Unia even thought she saw Marad crack a smile beneath his bushy mustache. Not a bad day’s work in the end.

  • Biff's Tale
    By Vince


    Here is the report, was my first DM quest, as well as first adventuer with both Charir and Salynda, so I thought it'd make a good entry into a topic called, "Tales of the followers of Tiamat" since no one else had posted any. Some sections could have more detail put in probably, and I noticed some misakes(wrong word, word missing) in there that isin't just part of Junar-speak. I asked Charir and Salynda if they had any chat logs from the parts of Firestorm they were present for. Charir's is still looking and I haven't heard from Salynda yet. I don't really want to have to make up dialog for people, because it probably would not properly repersent their characters if I did it. I can remember actions good, but what was actually said fades quick.

    Over the days following the return to Arabel, Junar writes his version of the Hunt-for-Cinder in small chunks as to not again hurt his hand. Being carefull not to leave out any details, he slowly writes page after page in his distinctive half-orc script…

    Tales ofs the Places withs Two Moons
    Bys: Junars Senpens, calleds Biffs.

    Its Begins, the Fives-of-Us

    It weres all beguns ins the citys. The Fives-of-Us is leaves the easts gates at nights, not tos is returns fors manys days...

    There weres a very strongs Kins, withs a helmets ands the chains shirts. Him is carrys fours canteens, a sacks of meat, huge golden sheilds, enoughs bandages fors an armys, box ofs axes fors the Throw, much bottles of magic ales, and manys gems. Is were smarts and wears a helmets to protects hims mind, the wizzards no woulds corrupts him. Hims is was mes, Junars. He is protecteds Vorels, the Wise Womans...

    Vorels is was Not-Uglys. Is easys to is notice because weezards is Uglys, ands Vorels not is bes a weezards. Hers no is has to steals the magics from the papers, has is bes blesseds bys Dragons Queens. Hers magics is comes froms bloods, so shes is bes frees froms the curse ofs the magics. Is has spears, muchs bettars weapons then weezards is normally carrys. Hers is knows much, and is follows behinds Loreak(Charirs), the Priests Man...

    Loreak is bes priests ofs the Queens. Hims is wise and knoweds much, probablys All. Is teacheds mes somes ofs the Dragons Queen and thats Jasons is bes a liars. I is had bes wonders why when I is goes to Jasons for helps from The Mob, him is tells to turns selfs intos guard-mens. Loreaks is sees throughs hims lies, and warneds mes! We is burneds Jasons Book-of-Lies ons alters, usings Dagger-of-Flames. Hes is prays much, and bes able to calls on the Dragon Queens fors helps. It weres Loreak's idea to brings little mans called Leo, the Scouts...

    Leo were is verys little, is look weaks and talks in squeaky annoyings voice, likes all the littles people. Alsos be likes the little peoples, him is hard to sees. He is tells Loreak that can is leads us to place in the Deserts, but must bes paid. Loreak is sees throughs little mans plans, and says he only is pays 100 coins up fronts. Little man is puts up much argues, and is gets 150s coins. We is weres headings to the easts gates when Vorels is think to brings Kins called Nathans, the Mercenary...

    Nathans is be a Kins that not likes Kins. Hims is backs the Blue-Mens whens they is trys to fights mes withs The-Talks. Harhar, Blue-Mens is turned againsts hims thoughs, twice. He is has strange armors withs pink on its, says plans to dyes it withs blood from enemys. Is good thinkings, blood not is as expensives as the others. Nathans has huge swords strapped to back, ands one handed swords on belts to uses when needs sheilds. Him not is talkeds much, as we beguns The-Journey...

    The Journey

    The Fives-of-Us is leaves outs of the East Gates, wells, excepts fors Leo. Hims is trys gos norths, I has is runs throughs the entire citys and gets him, then runs backs to the east. Leos is goes others way, around the citys, and is appears behinds the groups sayings "Lets get movings."

    We is goes easts fors whiles, not much is happens. Vorels is kills dear with spears(Is others way knows Vorels not is bes a wizzards, Wizzards woulds is has used the magics) and gives mes the meat, is fors the Dragons. Thats is what wes is goings to finds, a Dragons. Vorels says is hears of cave norths of Bane-Mens temples, wheres Dragon is lives.

    Is follows Vorels dirrections throughs snowy pass, is was colds and had many turns. Ups to this point, not is had to fights nothings. Is leaves snowy pass and travels throughs wilderness. Is goods we is has the Scouts with us, I had is never beens theres befores. Were manys hills, luckly no bears, and wes is climbs up intos the mountain.

    The-Mountain were be a sights to remembers. All of grounds was covered in snows, is was verys cold. The Fives-of-Us is crunchs throughs the snow for whiles, and is starting downs the mountains whens is attacks! Is bandits, they is comes downs and trys to stabs Leos, but hims is stab quickers. Huge Kins is comes and trys to cuts mes in halfs, is almost suceeds! I slams hims with sheilds and hurts much, withs big axe he was leaves much of selfs open when raises to chop. I is dives for covers and Nathans is comes to fights...

    Vorels is uses magics on mes, to makes everythings slows down. Everythings excepts mes! I is watches slowlys as Nathans swings huge sword and removes Bandit-Kins head froms hims body. Snows around thems both is goes red as the driplets of blood slowlys falled to the grounds. The-Speeds were is makes the trips down the mountains seems take forevers, no one is could keeps up withs mes...

    Leos is leads us outs of mountains, ands intos the Deserts. Were much changed froms the Mountains. Insteads of whites, land was tans. The winds is blows and was very hots. Wes is stops in Desert-Men camp so thats Vorels can rests, hers is tireds afters such long journeys through the Mountains. The Desert-Inns was intersting place...

    There were many mens who reminded mes of the Blue-Men, is looks strongs(fors humans) ands consume much of The-Drinks. I is decide to keeps watch as Vorels is rests. The Desert-Mens is no want messes withs mes, and is decideds to keeps aways. Loreak is also rests befores continues on, hims wanted to prays tos the Queens so that we is bes succes.

    While I is guards Vorel's restings and Loreak's prayings, Nathans is decides buys cloak from the Desert-Mens. Afters all is readys to goes, Leos is leads us tos the Bane-Mens temples, and thens farther norths, into the open Deserts...

    The Canyons

    The Deserts wind is flings sand at faces, Vorels is wears cloaks with hood, as is does Nathans. I not is had worrys, is always keeps helmets on. Leos and Loreak is also has cloaks.

    Leos is leads us intos canyons, with huge walls of rock. The first things we is encounters, is the Cat-Creatures. Theys is walks overs to us, and not seems bes un-friendlys. I is askings Loreak if is shoulds crushes, whens Nathan is makes choice of owns and stabs one withs sword. This is triggers the Cat-Creatures and alls is attacks us! They is quicklys killeds and wes continues.

    It is not longs afters this, that we encounter Bane-Warrior-Man. Loreak and hims is speaks. Loreak is asks Warrior-Man if hims want is helps finds Dragons. Warrior-Mans is says yes, is thens trys called Nathans and I weaks. I is startings to is questions hims withs The-Talk, whens ground is shakes!

    Loreak is seems think the Dragons has is finds us. Fires is shoots from ground behinds Warrior-Mans and outs of flames is comes The-Giant-Mans-Made-of-Bone! He is charges ats Warrior-Mans froms the back, and trys to crusheds withs boney fist!

    Warrior-Man is has much practice in fights, hes is turns and dodges fists. Nathans is draws swords, and togathers wes is charge in to crusheds the Giant-Bone-Mans. Vorels is uses somes magics, then is comes to helps fights withs her spears(Wizzards would is has, at this points, be is fars away, probably magiceds selfs away to Desert-Camp). Loreak is also bes fightings.

    Warrior-Man is knocks the Giant-Bone-Man tos the grounds with sword, and trys to stabs. I trys to is crushes hims bones with fists, but no is works. Nathans is has similers results. I is follows the leads ofs Warrior-Mans and begins keepings Giant-Bone-Man on the grounds. I is grabs at hims leg bones and pulls withs alls strengths! I is taked sheilds and slams into hims knee bone! Blows after blows is sends Giant-Bone-Man fallings intos the Sands!

    Whens Giant-Bone-Mans is falls, Vorels and Loreaks is stabbeds and causes Giant-Bone-Mans roar in hurts. Afters much battles, it is seem likes we has is almost cracked all ofs the bones. Giant-Bone-Man is realizes ends is nears, and is turns, grabs Nathans in huge fist and slams into rock walls. Is thens lifts up huge bone foot, and crusheds Nathans untill hims is Cease-to-Lives.

    After is sees Kins falls, I is puts all of strengths into mightys blow, and shatters Giant-Bone-Mans into manys peices!(with some helps froms the others). Is great victorys! Also bes great losses. Loreak is gives me magic stick withs powers to shoots Holy-Fire outs, for if has is fights other Giant-Bone-Mans. I then is picks up Nathans manys things, he is had manys bandages and magic ales.

    The Cowardly Scouts is returns after battles is dones, him is says founds caves. We is follows tos smalls cave entrance, is seems smalls fors Dragons. Then, fire is leaps out of cave mouths and sets trees aflame! Someone, is think were bes Loreak, is shouts out that this is a signs from the Queens! Is has findeds Lair-ofs-the-Dragons! Ats this points, Leos is demands rest of pays. Loreak is tells him job no be finished untills is finds "Old Friend." Harhar, Leo no is suspects we is lookings for Dragon, him not seems much smarts. Vorels is gives Leos protections from the heats, then he is goes ins to Scouts.

    Loreaks is begins to prays to the Queens, I is joins hims because I no know what else does. Is not wants angers the Queens, no would bes good. Loreak is prays thats Dragons is eateds the little mans, harhar, he were is onlys broughts to bes fresh meats, Loreaks is thinks of everys thing...

    ((Around this point, Leo was attempting to sneak across a very flat bridge, his silhouette clearly visable against the firey lava behind him. A fire elemental turns and laughs at him. Shocked that his attempt to hide behind absolutely nothing failed, Leo ran back towards the group, a large fiery monster ticking away at his limited protections from its flaming fists...))

    ... Vorels is casts protections on mes, Loreak is ables to gets hims protectons froms the Dragons Queen. Warrior-Man is not seem care about protections, hims is verys confidents. After is says final prayer, wes is enters the caves, in search ofs the great Reds Dragons, Cinders!

    ((Leo was now using his Wand of Invisibility to escape the Elemental that had started taking larger chunks off his protections... the Elemental saw through the magic and continued to chase him as he ran up the rocky slope towards the unsuspecting group...))

    The Lair

    Wes is goes downs intos the Lairs-of-the-Dragons, I is follows Loreak confidents that hims is knowings what is bests. We are walkings for little whiles, whens Warrior-Mans turns arounds... and is unders attack bys Fire! Thes heat is comes alives to killeds hims, he no is prays tos Dragons Queens befores is enters. Warrior-Man is ables to kills the Fires thoughs, I not is knows how this is happens, but not is bothers to question. Other heats is comes alives and attacks, Loreak says Warrior-Man is has angered the Dragons by killings hims guardians. He is says we needs move quicklys and avoids the Fires.

    Loreak is goes downs a rocky slopes, Warrior Mans withs him. I is followings, and Vorels were is behinds mes. We is comes tos a bridge, Loreak and Warrior-Man is begins to crosses, I is turns to to tells Vorels go firsts, but her not is theres! I is goes backs up slopes to finds hers...

    Vorels is talkings to selfs, thoughs is sounds like her is talks to Leos. Hers is asks hims to stays untills finds the Dragons, but Leos says no. Shes is hands coins tos the air... thens, is begins uses magics! Shes is points to spots and stops speaks, is says, "Follow" and begins to walks. I not knows what is happens, buts is follows. Wes is catchs ups withs Loreak and Warrior-Mans.

    Is goings across longs bridge whens the Bird-Men is comes flyings at us! Theys is breaths flames but is oks, alls but Warrior-Man-who-called-Mes-Weak is protected. Onlys hims is gets burned. Loreak is points at Bird-Men and demands theys obey hims, and they is does! Alls excepts ones. The others is turns and tears thes stupids ones to peices and tosses intos the lavas. Loreaks is has greats powers, all has does is points, and evens Birds-Men knows not to angers!

    Finallys, is comes tos end of bridges. Is goes ups slopes and finds, strange, device. Loreak is kneels to pray, and I is follows him. The lights in the centers of the device is thens catchs on fires! Just is likes trees outsides of caves! Loreak is thens leaps intos the fires, Vorels is follows, then mes. Warrior-Mans, harhar, hims is has thinks whiles, thens is desides tos follows. He not seem is gets burns too much, is had much armors on that flames had melts throughs firsts.

    After alls is makes throughs, I is looks arounds. We was ins lands withs much fires and lavas. Lands withs no plants, onlys gravels. Lands, which is has Two-Red-Moons!

    Land of the Two-Red-Moons

    Alls is confused, evens Loreak no is seem knows where we is. Loreak is kneels to prays more, I is follows. Loreak and I is bes prayings, Vorels is off to sides lookings arounds, I not know what Warrior-Man is does, just is stands. Out of no wheres, flamin rocks is comes! They is falls froms the skys and almost crushes! I is dives fors covers that is no theres, and waits for ends.

    When is looks up, everyone is seems bes still alives. Loreak says if is want turns back, is does, but hims is goes forwards. I not is abandons hims! Is goes forwards outs overs lavas, on bridge mades of rocks. Is very hots! Is bes difficults to moves and breaths, I begin not to is likes Land-With-Two-Moons.

    We is comes to large, open fields. The rocks themselves begin to is floats ups, towards the Two-Red-Moons! I is grabs big rocks so that I not is floats away, but then is remembers hows heavy is froms carrys all Nathans things, harhar, I is too heavys floats aways.

    This is whens the ghost is attacks. Theys is rise up outs of the grounds, we is completely surroundeds! Vorels is says Dragons not is woulds bes guarded bys the undeads, and wes is begins to crushes. Loreak says we has is pass overs the fields quickly, so we is starts to Hurrys. Ghosts are many, but not is so strongs, I is ables to splatters them on sheilds befores theys is ables does much hurts.

    We is eventuallys comes to another rocks bridge. This one is guarded bys, undead, warrior mens. Is no made of Ghosts-Parts, is not Bone-Mens either, ors Slows-Undeads. Seems is bes alls combined and is fights wells. One is shoots mes with manys arrows whiles other is holds us backs, it is shouts "No ones is ables defeats mes!"

    Him was is defeateds, and the archers is bes defenless, is bes killeds quicklys. Is goes ons more slowlygs, watchings out fors the archers. Is comes to end of bridge, where is bes a Fortress! Guarding the Fortress, is bes Huge-Creatures-With-Big-Swords. It is charges at us, but is so big has is moves slowlys. Wes is starts to retreats froms its, buts Warrior-Man is get hitted bys magic and not bes able to runs.

    Loreaks is turns to saves him, and I is throws axes at It to distracts. Vorels is trys uses magics, but is has difficultys. Not is bes easy fights, Loreak is almost get killeds, but It is begins to weaken. Vorels is gets magic to works, and is charges in to helps fights withs spears, I is decides, axes not is workings, so is shoulds goes crushes with sheilds!

    I is charges readys to jumps on It and crusheds under sheild! I is just abouts rams intos whens is effected bys Magic-of-the-Minds. Alls is changes, friends is grows horns and bursts into flames. The Fires is crawls ups outs ofs the lavas and trys to burns mes, is too hots! I is has to runs aways, no is ables over comes this!

    Rock bridge is bursts into flames in fronts of mes, Fires is crowds in behinds mes, I is has no chances, is has cowers and waits fors the ends, is seems bes onlys option. Thens I is remembers I is strongs! No is cower likes wizzard and waits to dies, is crusheds fires, no matters if is bes burns when does! I is rises to fights last battles, buts friends is backs, and Fires is gones. This when I is realize It had useds powerfull Magics-of-the-Minds. Evens mys helmet is not ables to protects mes.

    The Fours-of-Us, Leos seems to has vanished for goods, is enters the Fortress, to whichs the gate is locks behinds us. We were has no choice but is continues onwards.

    The Fortress

    The Fortress is was verys bigs on the insdies. Is has evens mores fires, was hots, but nots as hots as was outsides unders the Twos-Red-Moons. Is walkings forwards, and then is sees it...

    Is a Dragons! Huge blues ones! Loreak is kneels befores its, as is does I and Vorels. Warrior-Mans is keeps fars aways. Loreaks is speaks tos the Dragons, Vorels is says is looks strange fors Dragon, then is vanishes! Is bes a Demon-Man behinds its, hims is sends Dragons aways. Demon-Man is has twos Demon-Guards, ands a Demon-Womans.

    Loreak is want knows what Demon-Man is does heres insteads of Dragons, Vorels is stands nexts to Loreak but slightlys behind, I is stands nexts tos Vorels. Warrior Man is stands fars behinds Loreak, and says nothings. Demon-Man is seems to knows Vorels, thens is begins shifts shapes. First hims is looks likes Warriors Mans, then mes, then Vorels, and finallys Loreak befores returns to others shape. Hims is strange Demons.

    Demon-Man and Loreaks is talk, I is trys to keeps attention, but was hards. Room was bigs, much to looks ats, Loreak and Demon-Mans is talkings ofs things I not is knows...

    Demon-Man says somethings abouts him is Prince, and has taken overs the Lair-ofs-the-Dragon. Thens, Prince-Demon-Man is says "This is shows good faiths" ors somethings, and is uses magics ons Vorels! Her is shrieks and blacks... smokes, magics, stuffs, and snakes arounds hers. Then is stops. Hers not is looked hurts, I offers is to crusheds Prince-Demon-Mans but hers says probably best not tos.

    Loreak is asks where Cinder has is gones, but Prince-Demon-Man says he no is tell if we not is can pays. Hims says wes is probablys want to keeps souls, so want us is gives somethings else. I is tells hims we is has manys gems. Vorels is goes and gives him box withs manys gems insides, but Prince-Demon-Man is says he not is wants.

    Loreak is offers armors, and Prince-Demon-Man says is betters. Hims is takes armors, and thens has mirrors is appears. Ins mirrors, I is sees mountains, likes the ones we is comes throughs! Thens, is sees Fortress! Thens, is sees manys Purple-Mens and Purple-Wizzards. Finallys, mirror is shows huge mans, even biggers than I is, withs huge axe and red armors. Prince-Demon-Mans is says Red-Armored-Man is bes Cinder, I guess is bes in disguises, not is looks much likes Dragons.

    Prince-Demon-Mans is waves hand, and alls is vanish. Hims says "I guess I is shoulds sends yous backs now..." and waves hands agains, wes is alls surrounded bys magics circles. I is shouts, "Looks outs!" then all is goes blacks. When is can sees again, is in ruins much likes ones in Stonelands, excepts there were is no sand. Is Statue of Dragons with hands alter in fronts ofs.

    Warrior-Man, who not is has saids much for whiles, says "We are in Arabel." Afters some wanderings, wes is comes to old stairs leadings up, and is bes in sewers. Warrior-Man is leads us to ladders and wes is backs in the citys, is in the Slums.

    The Return

    Warrior Man is leaves, thens is bes justs Loreaks, Vorels, and mes. Is stands togathers talkings In-the-Low. Vorels is wants to recovers Nathans body, returns him from the deads, and gets to worships Dragon Queens. Loreak not is so sures, but is decides could is bes fors best. Hims is gives Vorels coins, hers and I is returns to deserts to look for bodys.

    Without the Scouts, was not easys to finds the body, but after much searchs we did recovers its. I had is drinks magic ale to makes strong enough to carrys. Vorel is makes boths of us unseens, and wes returns to city.

    Is gets Nathans returns to lifes, but hims is weaks. Is takes hims to house, where Vorel is uses Talks and Magics to make him sees Dragons Queen is powerfulls Godess. Vorel is leaves then, Nathans an I is speaks much, I is reutrns hims things, and wes is goes to Inn to recovers strengths afters long journey.

    The Journey is were a Grand-Adventures, I is thinks bes success. We now is knows where Dragons really is bes, and can goes to finds theres. Nathans is feels much pains, but is turns outs fors the best, now hes is begins understands powers of the Queens. I is thinks that this is bes mighty adventures that all is shoulds remembers!

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