State of the Writers' Union

  • Make a post if something's come up that could affect your contribution to Project Arabel temporarily or permanently here.

  • I'm going to be fairly busy writing/doing other stuff for a while, and I don't expect myself to write anything much until the holidays come. For all effects and purposes i'm a vegetable on the story front until I get my break.

  • I'm meandering around in my editor/consultant fashion. Haven't had motivation to write lately.

  • I'm in much the same vein as SFP at moment, with school being the primary cause. I'm able to help more as an editor/consultant.

  • Fine with me, though if you lose the will to liv- write, then just say so rather than drawing it out so we can see about getting anyone else to fill the spots now rather than later.

  • I remember posting about that on the PF boards. :p

    Feel free to get somebody to replace me, small blurbs wouldn't be too hard (like say a diary entry) for somebody else to translate into a story format.

  • Having just started a new job, I haven't had a lot of opportunity to do much recently, so, my apologies. I have every intention to write up my part in the Bresk plot, though, so you will definitely be getting that eventually.

  • Being involved in too much RL stuff lately (re-org at work, holidays, working on several festivals/fairs) I havent had time.

    I do intend to get the Bresk stuff, and give info to Silverstar about Part II (Theres some Edana didnt know). and perhaps some tie-in stuff to Combs for Milliar side-stuff.

    Its just time is a issue

  • That's perfectly fine, just so long as I know you are still interested in doing this.

  • Alright, new year, time to get this thing rolling once more.

    A status log though:

    Mayhem's in on the proverbial Hawaii deal right now.
    RwG's disappeared (again)

    Apart from that, everyone's still in the general limbo mode as far as I know. Fire away if you've an idea on something to write about, and there's still a lack of writers for Firestorm, which is possibly the most recent plot here. There're people who can cover odds and ends, but no central character put forward yet, who was involved in the majority of the plot (secret meetings and such can be handled by ViP accounts, but I need a main character!).

  • Expect at least ten or so stories from me, starting a few days from now. My girl is going on vacation in two days, which means my schedule will involve… CoA and... CoA and... Perhaps... perhaps some coa if time allows.


  • I'm going to be trying to do some more as well, but I'm currently writing a different story so I'm not sure how quick I'll be able to toss out chapters for this.

  • Well, my bubble was burst when my computer died a few days ago and i'm currently confined to a lap-top (i had something written up) so… yeah, eventually.

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