Plot: Kar'thax'alon

  • Everything regarding the Kar'thax'alon plot.

    Zarachan Naemar - SFP
    Xenthym Kane - Forte

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    The room was dark, save the candles spread around the room. An odd pentagram was sketched into the center of it, seemingly that of a wizard’s summoning circle. A cloaked figure, entirely in black, male by their build, stepped into the middle of the area, chanting an unusual phrase and shouting a singular command. Around him were gathered numerous men and women, whispering amongst themselves as the magic was woven in front of their very eyes.

    “Abyssal Gate, open! I call upon you! Come forth to me, demon and answer my bidding!”

    The room filled with an eerie smoke and bright red light as wind appeared to be sucked into the circle itself, then darkness spilled into the room as a figure stepped forth, seemingly quite closely resembling a naked human female with long, silky black hair, a large bosom and medium form. She looked over the figure before her, smirking.

    “And who is this human who summons me? Who dares summon Reykul?”

    Reykul looked around the room, a harsh gaze upon all those gathered, and her look seemingly capable of withering stone itself. The shrouded figure stepped forward, pulling his head back to reveal a pale-skinned male with short brown hair. Looking her over, he slightly grinned, folding his arms.

    “I am Xanenar Kane, patriarch of the family. I seek you for the basest of reasons; power. Pure and unconditional power, demon.” Tapping his forehead, he spoke again, his gaze fixed on Reykul. “Your true form, if you would please. My sight is not defeated by your magic.”

    The demon laughed softly as she began to shape-change, growing leathery, bat-like wings, seemingly out of nowhere. Her feet and hands turned into furry claws, and her hair stood on end. She now clearly appeared to be a somewhat-clothed succubus as her expression continued to be one of amusement, clearly looking at Xanenar.

    “Ah, so it is. You bargain with a demon and yet you have not provided something I would care to be interested in to breed with you and your family, male. Tell me, what can you -possibly- offer me?”

    The crowd whispered again, gossiping as to what their patriarch could give up to enrich their line. Xanenar held a hand up, motioning for silence, immediately the crowd fell into silence, their hooded gazes centered upon the outsider and wizard before them.

    “Your choice of payment, Reykul.”

    The demoness looked taken aback briefly, her expression becoming a devious smile as she narrowed her eyes, folding her arms. The crowd became a sea of whispers once more, excitedly.

    “Then surely you know that if I agree and your bloodline spawns descendants of mine, that there will be tieflings. I will make it simple for a mortal such as you to understand. The first tiefling borne unto this family. Specifically, a female one will be my payment.”

    Xanenar took on a contemplative look, looking towards the crowd surrounding him and the demon before his face. Without emotion or another thought, he nodded his agreement. Reykul smirked again, seductive look upon her face.

    “Very well, bargained and done. The tiefling will be mine, humans.”

    **TIME: 25 YEARS AGO

    “Name her. Quickly. Reykul comes shortly.”

    Crying was heard in the air as a baby squealed in the arms of her mother, a raven headed human woman, looking panicked slightly. She had given birth to many babies, but this one was different, and everybody around her could tell. When held near lights, the baby reflected no shadow, and smelled strongly of rotten eggs. The baby was also female, and already had a massing of black hair upon her scalp as she squirmed in the woman’s arms.

    Swirling black mist filled the room as a bright red light appeared in front of an opened portal, the other side seemingly reflecting some otherworldly realm, the succubus Reykul surveying the gathered people. She snorted briefly, moving towards the whining child. The demoness was in a human form as before, her arms outstretched, awaiting the bundle that was the infant female.

    “Her name…her name…her name is Xenthym.”

    Sighing, the human released the child into the succubus’s arms, the demoness grinning. Reykul turned her back on the gathering, moving towards the still active portal, stepping through it. The portal led not to the Abyss, but the planar city known as Sigil. Walking through the city in her human form, albeit with clothing on, Reykul found her residence, an apartment in the demon district of the city.

    Stepping in, she murmured an unintelligible phrase, lighting the nearby candles, seating herself in a lavishly designed chair. The infant Xenthym woke up, reaching forward, crying. Reykul muttered, sliding a breast out of her shirt, placing the child’s mouth upon it, ceasing her crying, immediately followed by suckling.

    “How many damn years of this form and raising will I have to endure?”

    **TIME: 22 YEARS AGO

    “Speak, child. Who are you? What are you?”

    Reykul patiently looked at Xenthym, dressed in a black dress, now three years old, with an inquisitive look upon the child’s face a frequent amount of the time. The succubus locked her hands behind her head, waiting. The tiefling pursed her lips, trying to form words. She clenched her hands into tiny fists at her side, puffing her cheeks up a little.

    “Aesthyrkothar!” (Demon woman)

    The demoness perked an eyebrow, chuckling. Looking at her descendant, she gestured for further speech, crossing her legs as she watched, amusedly. Xenthym continued attempting to speak further, Reykul gesturing at herself, as if indicating what to say.

    “Reykul kotharvirlymlevex?” (Reykul, the enchanting demon thief)

    Nodding, the succubus rose to her feet, guiding the tiefling along with her. They reached one of the windows looking out from the apartment, at the bustling city behind the earthen worked frames. The city looked as normal as it was for their section, demons being kept in check by the mysterious ruler of Sigil, the Lady of Pain.

    Taking Xenthym in her arms, the outsider took her grandchild to her bedroom, tucking her into the well-made bed in the center of the room, undoubtedly “acquired” through her own unusual methods, the young child drifting off to sleep.

    **TIME: 15 YEARS AGO

    In their home within Sigil, the two demonesses silently stared at each other, seated at a luxurious dining table, a bowl of odd-looking larva upon it. Reykul, still taking on the form of a human, looked at the bowl, which held a small amount of the crawling vermin, slithering around its bottom.

    “Well? Eat. If you are truly of my blood, Xenthym, you will be able to consume our foodstuffs. These are the traitors and gluttonous of the Prime Material Plane. They seek new life in the Abyss, but alas, only find this. Feast, my child.”

    Reluctantly, the tiefling child reached into the bowl, grabbing a small handful of the wriggling insectae, shoving them into her mouth. Chewing, she managed to swallow, much to the outsider’s approval. Hungrily, she finished off the rest of the bowl, looking up at the succubus.

    “Very good, girl. I suppose as a reward, you deserve to see my true form.”

    Reykul stood, stretching out as large, bat-like leathery wings began sprouting from her back, and her arms and legs becoming furry at the end, tipped by claws. Her hair became pointed, sticking into the air as she looked at her charge, seemingly unfazed by the transformation, but transfixed with a look of awe.

    “Good, you have become accustomed to me. You will see many horrors within your life, no weakling frightened of such will be related to me, and allowed to live, my dear Xenthym.”

    **TIME: 10 YEARS AGO

    The succubus, once again in human form, pointed at a drawing held up against a wall of her home, instructing the young tiefling child Xenthym to gaze upon it. It appeared to be that of an angelic being, with large white-feathered wings, bright gold-and-silver armor, and a large great sword.

    “What is this, child? And speak in Common, not Draconic.”

    Xenthym looked at the drawing, tapping her foot as her arms were folded. A contemplative look adorned her face as she pursed her lips, attempting to recall a previous lesson; it would seem, regarding the picture. Her face lighting up, she finally spoke.

    “Arthear!” (Celestial)

    Reykul glared, reaching over to slap the tiefling’s left cheek with the back of a hand, soft and silky, much like the young girl’s. She pointed at the painting again, the mean look still upon her face. Rubbing her cheek, Xenthym formed a word again.

    “Celestial, High Mother Reykul.”

    The demon smirked, the title before her name being a recent title of addressing her as of late, the child adoring her, from a young age. She resumed looking at the drawing, her arms folded.

    “These are our enemies, Xenthym. Pureblooded celestials, which occasionally mate with humans to produce bastard spawn half-celestials and eventually Aasimars. Your own enemies, no less. They hate us, and we hate them. We are superior, never once forget that. Your very blood, granddaughter, flows with mine, superior above mere humans. Now, summon your latent powers. In your mind, focus and create yourself a globe of darkness.”

    Xenthym squinted, gathering her thoughts. In her right hand, a small orb of pure black mist appeared. The tiefling instinctively threw it to her side, coating the entire room in darkness. The succubus laughed, clapping her hands. The darkness soon faded away, the two figures watching each other.

    “Excellent work, child! You are truly of my blood. Let me tell you of the Blood War. Seat yourself.” At this, the teenager sat herself on a comfortable-looking chair, her attention focused on the demoness.

    “We are demons, kothar as you are fond of referring to yourself as outside of our home. Our sworn enemies, more so than the foul celestials, are devils. Residents of the Nine Hells. While we have the glorious Abyss, they have the Hells. One day, we will triumph, but whenever that is, even the most powerful lords of our kind cannot say. For now, wage war against devils and their kin. Slay their tiefling descendants. Should you grow powerful enough, eliminate their direct offspring. Show no mercy, such a thing is for the weak.”

    Reykul continued on, her arms folded, her eyes half-closed.

    “We must decide a profession for you, girl. Seek you to follow in my footsteps? Draining men’s souls, charming them into doing your bidding? A lofty position should you desire it.”

    Xenthym could only nod, looking in wonder at her ancestor.

    “Then you seek the path of the arcane. There is much fun to be had with magic such as that, my child. The manipulation of souls is often upon the path of the necromancer. Thusly, we shall see to you learning those arts. A wizardling, you shall be. No bastard fool of a sorcerer, unlike those pitiful celestials.”


    The succubus Reykul entered her home, looking over her teenaged tiefling granddaughter, who appeared to be quite lovely, wearing a blue-and-black tunic of sorts. The demon girl looked up at her ancestor, greeting with a brief wave of acknowledgement.

    “Time for your test, Xenthym. I have found you a target. Your mission is to seduce him, and make him into a puppet, to see if my years spent training you have all been for naught. Fail and you will not be allowed back into this home, and cast out into the Prime Material Plane.”

    Xenthym swallowed hard, nodding her agreement. The outsider led her descendant to a portal, taking them to an inn room, where a nineteen year old boy awaited them. Apparently he did not see the succubus, possibly due to some unknown magic Xenthym was not able to identify.

    The demoness exited, leaving the two alone. After hours came by, she returned, to find the boy completely under the tiefling’s control, with an eager look to serve her upon his face.

    Knocking him unconscious, Reykul opened another portal, taking the two back to her home in Sigil, laughing. Seating themselves, grandmother and granddaughter looked at each other.

    “My, my. Truly of my blood if you were able to complete such a task, dear Xenthym. Ah, but it was to be expected of you. I knew you would not fail me. As a reward, I shall tell you of this lovely inn I know, called the World Serpent…”


    Xenthym walked the streets of the demon quarter in Sigil, browsing the nearby merchants’ wares, when she came upon an unusually dressed figure. Seemingly spouting off religious drivel about the Demon Prince of Undead, known to her as Orcus. Conversing with him, apparently a fanatical human unlike herself, for days on end, she agreed to enter service of his lord.

    Returning home, Reykul looked at her curiously, shrugging as she was told of her new patron in life. After Xenthym took her leave to sleep, Reykul went to the windows of the apartment, overlooking the city as she rolled back a sleeve of her shirt, looking at the now exposed arm. The arm, much like her current form, was quite human in appearance. Strangely, however, along its underside, it held a symbol of a black mask, seemingly pitch-black in appearance. The succubus chuckled to herself, looking out the window again.

    “How long will it be, child, before your true heart wins out? Who shall be the victor, the Prince, or the Laughing Lord? I shall be watching you. You will not be under the demon’s influence for long, not if you are of my blood…”

    **TIME: 1 YEAR AGO

    Xenthym was seated in a room filled with complete darkness, apparently magically created. Unusual patrons lurked about in it, the owner of the establishment named Mitchifer, the inn itself being one she was told about years ago, called the World Serpent Inn. She was enjoying a relaxing drink, her ancestor off on the Prime Material Plane, tempting more mortals into doing her bidding whilst she socialized with others at the Serpent.

    Two cloaked travelers were at a nearby table, rambling about things that did not interest her too greatly. Their conversation was mostly dull, until the talk shifted to that of necromantic activity near a city. The city in question being the Caravan City of Arabel, situated within Cormyr, a kingdom in the Heartlands.

    Returning to Reykul’s home, she left a note, mentally reminding herself to visit sometime.

    “Gone to play with the mortals in Cormyr, High Mother. I’ll see you another time.

    • Xenthym”

    Her arrival was uneventful, save making towards a seedy bar within an even seedier district. She was immediately welcomed by others, including another tiefling, albeit with pale skin and sharp fangs. Xenthym suspected this one had a quick attraction to her, as he acted similar to men she seduced in the past. Mentally shrugging it off, she took in the sights as he explained how the inn, called the Three Bars, was operated.

    A day later, she walked around topside, coming upon a black-haired woman selling some kind of tickets to raise funds, introducing herself as Elsbeth. Smiling thinly, she introduced herself as Kothar, a short form of her alias Kothar Levethix.

    Time passed in the form of a few days, which included her being beaten up by a local dwarf, threatened by a newfound enemy named Wellington, meeting with a Red Wizard named Vorn, and a new friend she called Masked Beauty.

    Yes, things were going to be quite interesting for her, she thought as she laid to sleep in her accommodations at the inn.


    A long time has it been since I laid down to quill and parchment my thoughts. Thinking about my past, how I’ve come to being has brought forth insight into my life I never knew existed. My arrogance, my pride, my beauty are all gifts given unto me from High Mother Reykul. My power is vast, and unrivalled. All tremble before me, and my enemies shall be crushed beneath my shoe heel.

    None can stand against me, lest they face my wrath. Abyss have no fury like a woman scorned, and when I prey upon those foolish enough to scorn me, they will wish I gave them quick death. I have seen peace, I have seen war. I have seen the anger of balors, and the deadliest of assassins. I’ve befriended lycanthropes, duergar and slain celestials. I’ve murdered many in cold blood. I show no fear of these weaklings who dare to usurp my throne.

    What, then, can stop the unstoppable? My plans will be nurtured and bear fruit. Life, however, is meaningless without things to pursue. Shall I kill even allies of mine who aggravate me? It’s a curious thought indeed, one I’ve contemplated many times. But no, too many things will occupy my mind for some time. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

    Sometimes I think of High Mother Reykul. Her last communications with me indicated she was quite well and enjoying her games. How I adore that being, the true example of my art. I wish I could visit her still, but alas, the same things occupying my mind keep me here. I can’t even use a portal to visit the World Serpent. Idiotic mages locked off areas around most of the public ones. Probably drunken man fools.

    Time goes on and on, it will tell if I’m the victor, or the loser. My name will be written in history’s lore books, as the greatest fear this damn city has ever known.

    • Xenthym Kane******************

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