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    Marcus Nightcrawler - O'louth

  • A little something that O'louth may not have been privy to that will hopefully add something to the story


    Del arose from her meditation with a sigh and took in the pitiful squalor of the harsh life she had carved for herself since arriving in Arabel. Seven long months she had struggled to ingratiate herself with the group that ran the underworld in this city, seven long months of dirty, thankless work, but today was different. Today was the day that Pyatt Pree’s followers either bowed to Raven and her hidden masters or joined Pyatt himself in a tortuous death, and Del got to be the one that delivered the message in person. Today was going to be fun, Del was certain, a good day, and a rare smile crossed her thin and broken lips. As she pulled her cloak around her and left the inn, Del wondered where they could be hiding. She considered getting some of the new recruits to help her, but decided that this was a pleasure she wanted to keep all to herself. They would pay for mocking her, pay for rejecting her and driving her back to Raven when she thought she had found an easy life and an inkling of respect.

    Durdyn and his witch Shimonee were stood in the market, talking casually as if nothing had happened. Del moved unseen amongst the crowd, close enough to Durdyn’s ear to whisper. ‘Your master is dead, oaf. Seek those who have conquered and you may be able to avoid his fate, but come prepared to atone for your transgressions.’ Del had rehearsed those words many times but they did not have the impact she had hoped for, not at all. As Shimonee looked on indifferent, Durdyn barely registered Del’s presence, merely grunting non-committally. Del resolved that Raven would hear of this insouciance – embellished of course. This was one pig she wanted to see roast on the spit a little longer, but not the prize swine. Not even the idiot Musachi, the runt halfling Higfold or the half-blood Ty’ran’t took that honour, although Del was sure that she would relish delivering the ultimatum to all of them.

    No, the one she really wanted to suffer was Pree’s right hand-man, Brutus Hadrian. The man who had questioned her ability and loyalty to Pree and caused her expulsion from the group and the end of her easy road to riches. It took her all morning and most of the afternoon, but she finally found him skulking by a fountain near the East Gate. This time she wanted him to see her approach and as he turned his head toward her she caught his gaze and smiled what she hoped was a smile that he would remember for the rest of his hopefully-brief and unpleasant life. ‘You. What do you want?’ brusque as ever in her presence, Del had heard that he could be quite the charming man when he wanted to be, but she had never been graced with that privilege.

    ‘You know what I want dear, your painful and drawn-out death, but today I’ll settle for delivering a message,’ as Del drew closer to the man his hand went for his sword-hilt and Del’s heart skipped a beat. She knew full well what he was capable of with that instrument of death, and as his face contorted in anger and hatred for a moment she thought he was going to strike her down in full view, but she relaxed as his hand withdrew ‘Speak, wench, but make it swift. I have little time to waste on vermin like you.’ ‘Hey, don’t kill the messenger honey, I’m just doing a job same as you, only I don’t fail my masters when they need me most’, ‘No, you’d have betrayed them long before it came to that, coward.’ Brutus’s apt retort stung Del. This was not going to plan at all. Pree’s minions were supposed to cower before her and beg forgiveness, yet all those she had found remained defiant. Panicking for a second she glanced around hurriedly fearing a knife in the back. As she turned back to Hadrian she was just in time to see him reach out for her throat and grasp her in one mighty hand, lifting her clean off her feet. ‘Tell your masters to go to hell, worm. You think you have won, but you are insignificant to the Vaunted One.’ As Del struggled futile in his unbreakable grip she could see a manic fervour in his eyes and avoided it as best she could. ‘And you, dog, you will suffer a special pain when he returns.’ He spat in her face and threw her casually to the floor like a piece of garbage. As he strode off imperiously through the gathered crowd of gawpers Del pulled herself to her feet and struggled in vain to maintain a small degree of dignity. She searched in her mind for some masterful response that would cow Brutus but found none and instead skulked off back to the slums to seek solace in drink and perhaps beating one of the recruits.

    She stepped into the basement of the Three Bars and moved for the table in the corner. Raven was there, sat with her new favourite, Anen. As usual, Anen was sat in the seat opposite Raven, the seat that had been Del’s for a fleeting week or two until he arrived and ruined everything. As she approached he lifted his glass of wine to her with a magnificent smile, ‘Looking good Del, as always’. Del frowned and dusted off the worst of the dirt on her rags before slumping down into the seat next to Anen. ‘Unlike some I spend my time working, not sitting on my fat arse leeching off the efforts of others,’ she spat back at him. ‘Settle down lovers,’ Raven smirked at the two elves, ‘This is a great day, let’s not spoil it. I trust you delivered the message, Delaclya?’ ‘Yes’ Del mumbled, ‘They got the message.’ No need to give away too many details just yet, particularly those that betrayed how badly Del’s day had gone. Either Pree’s men would bow down or they would die, it was inevitable. They were just too stupid to realize it yet. And as for Anen, he would amount to nothing, he would only hold Raven’s favour in passing and in a month or two all that would be left of him would be the memories of his disgrace and ruin. Del would see to that.

    Raven reached into a large bag. As Del peered over the table to see what was in it she caught a glimpse of some familiar attire. It looked different when it was not worn by Pyatt Pree, void of his charismatic presence, and Del took it as conclusive proof of his demise, although like all outside the exclusive circle of his assassins she had never seen his body. ‘To the victors go the spoils’, Raven grinned and reached into the bag. Enrapt by the promise of gifts Del barely heard the heavy footsteps on the stairs behind her but she did see Raven’s hand stop dead as it moved into the sack. She raised her gaze and looked to Raven’s face, cowled deep in her hood. She saw a look approaching fear, a rare look indeed for the tiefling. Del turned and followed the gaze to a man dressed from head to toe in cheap looking plate mail. ‘No helmets, fo-‘ Del’s words came out as a reflex but they were stopped in their tracks when she recognized the figure and realized why Raven was so startled.

    ‘I am afraid rumours of my death were greatly exaggerated.’ Pyatt Pree’s voice was as gentle and mild as ever as he removed his helmet, ‘Now, you have something of mine, and I would like it back if you be so kind.’ Anen reached for his sword and Del looked for a corner to hide in. As Raven dropped the sack and leapt to her feet Pyatt intoned rapidly yet unhurried, calm as a breeze and gestured toward the shadowdancer. Anen drew his sword but Del grabbed him and pulled him into one of the side rooms, slamming the door shut behind them. As the denizens of the bar scattered and took refuge a dark wave of necromantic magic leapt across the room in a shallow arc, but as it touched Raven she vanished into thin air. For a second a brief look of confusion and disappointment crept across Pree’s time-worn face but only for an instant. He strode calmly to the door behind which the two elves hid and pulled it open slowly, smiling warmly to them. ‘Do make sure your master understood the message fully, could you?’ As the confusion in the bar subsided Pree drank from a bottle and vanished, the echo of his measured footsteps on the wooden stairs the only clue that he had left.

    ‘Why did you stop me you moron? I had it all under control’ Anen frowned at Del. Del thought of what she wanted to do to him to make him pay for all the trouble he had caused her, but she had to find Raven. She settled for a quick shove as she forced her way past him. The weak push barely moved him and he laughed derisively, the laughter ringing in her ears like that of so many before. No, Del thought to herself, not a very good day at all.

  • Very nice, I take it you're planning on writing more?

  • Placeholder for another possible side-thing to be written concerning Pree and Company that Olouth might not be aware of - Pree and the death of lady norah

  • Oliver Baba, a Purple Dragon Scout who went by the name Aldrien at the time, found himself patrolling the sewers under Arabel. He routinely conducted such patrols to identify criminal activity or possible enemy infiltration through the vast array of twisting passages.

    As he crept silently through the area under South Arabel, he heard quiet voices in the distance. Quickly checking the tie-downs of his equipment to maintain silence, he inched his way along the wall, keeping to the many shadows, until he could place himself in a vantage to spy.

    He waited and watched awhile as two persons conducted a deal of some sort. A tall woman in black plate dealt with Pyatt Pree, a man known to be of Thayan affiliation, though not part of the embassy. Baba had seen him about but knew little of his actual dealings.

    Intrigued by the location of the dealing, the young Scout chose to linger and listen as the conversation continued. Pree offered coin for certain packages, but didn't make their contents directly known, from what could be heard there. He spoke of "greater things to come" and of these purchases being merely research.

    After some more conversation, Pree handed over a small sack of coins as the tall woman laid down a wrapped bundle. Pree unwrapped the end, revealing the corpse of a human woman. Pree smiled and said it would do nicely.

    Realizing that he was outmatched by the two plate-armored persons and that an arrest for such would quickly find this foul man returned to the streets, Baba chose not to request backup or make an arrest. Pree seemed a small fish in a larger scheme, and the Scout knew that often letting the small fish run led to a larger arrest that would stick permanently. He clung to the shadows until the woman left and then lingered awhile to watch the Necromancer inspect the corpse.

    After some time, with no real activity on the part of Pree, Oliver continued his patrol. On his way back, he swung by a dark and dusty corridor where he pressed a signet ring into an indention in the stone wall. A passageway opened and he left a small unsigned note on a large table. The inner circle of the House of Death would know of this Pree and the risk he posed.

    After leaving the report, Oliver returned to the Garrison where he made a more official report of Pree's purchasing of corpses and opened a file on the man that would eventually terrorize Arabel and ultimately save it, in a strange twist of fate.

    Oliver would carry those moments for years, constantly wondering if he should have just killed Pree in the darkness of those passages and left his body to rot in the bottom of the sewer's dark waters. It was not the first nor would it be the last time that the process of law seemed to allow those of evil to carry out their tasks, but Oliver knew that he was a man of rules and law and that such was not 'always' his path to take.

  • Pyatt Pree had been followed by the law officials of Arabel since the first day that Oliver Baba had seen him buying corpses in the sewers of Arabel. Though there were many reports and rumors of his criminal activity, the evidence acquired did not support a capital conviction by the Knights of the time. The official guidance was to continue to watch and report on his actions . Unofficially, War Wizard Xavien had told Baba repeatedly to keep very close tabs on Pree and if he had the opportunity, to take action against him.

    It was believed that Pree's gang had been in some conflict with Raven's gang from the 3 Bars. Unfortunately, a truce had been called and Pree was going to meet with Raven to finalize the arrangements. Baba told Xavien and a plan was hatched.

    Baba followed Pree from a distance to the Night Wolf Inn where he resided. While Pree had a brief meeting with some of his minions, Baba crept upstairs and into his room in the inn. He hid under Pree's bed for several hours until Pree fell asleep and then carefully hid an item in the bottom of his belt pouch. Smiling to himself, he crept out of the room and returned to notify Xavien of his success.

    Sometime later, the discovery of a magical symbol of her own guild within the possession of Pree would cause a tremendous amount of friction between the would be allies.

  • Brilliant reading

  • Pyatt Pree is a fairly notable character in a somewhat well known book series (a kickass series, if I might add) A Song of Ice and Fire.

    So, if anyone knows about legal/moral issues in stealing someone else's character, speak up (in the series spoiler he's a warlock, ie. evil mage, as well spoiler). I don't think any author would go and copyright names for a book series with so many central characters. I know that Ilyandrim/however you spell it, was originally called Ilyandrim Starym, who was apparently a fantasy book character herself so the name was shortened to just the first part, rather than removing the character from the game.

  • I thought the character from song of ice and fire was Pyat, not Pyatt? Thats probably enough change to get away with it I guess.

  • My conscience is not appeased.

  • Just give him a completely different name and change some non vital parts of him. It works with companies that make medicine doesn't it?

  • You're gonna hit that alot, if you cover coa history.

    Albert Steiner is an FF9 character.
    Oliver Baba, well, obviously.
    "Wanderer" is a nomad who narrates Dark Sun sourcebooks (similar to Elminister/FR), and also a Dragonlance character I'm told.
    Nelson Alastyr is also from Final Fantasy somewhere, if I remeber right.
    and so on…

    Starym is a ruling family in Evermeett, I don't think Illiandrin Starym is actually canonical, though it's possible. The players first character was Elaida Avery'Da'Roihan (Wheel of time)

  • Okay, well that's something that I would consider as past the line.I guess it'll stick to the whole Pyatt Pree thing, though i'm none too happy about it.

  • Is there any way we could get more of this? Its quite enjoyable.

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    I guess people are just doing other things right now, but so long as there doesn't come a need to shut down coa.ender or anything, it's just here for whenever someone passes by with something to add.

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