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  • This is a place for those interested to continue the project started here. This forum is accessible to everyone, but you're expected to keep your contributions relevant to the project.

  • @SnakesForDinner:

    Embellishing stories to make for a better read and a bit of artistic license is fine, but please, don't go overboard with it. It might not seem to you so, but what your characters has actually done and seen ingame is quite enough to make captivating stories. Adding in events that never happened will only make for conflicting and confusing stories down the line.


    Adding specific beings that you really have no idea behind.
    A minor example of this came up with Wanderer, on the old forums, where he was described in an odd almost 180 way of his actual personality, by someone other then me. If you intend to portray others, you should check with the person behind them for accuracy, and if you're adding generic thugs or the like for story, keep them generic.

    -Incorporating canonical (or otherwise) elements without verifying them.
    Evil Helmties can't slaughter children, no matter what, they'd lose their powers instantly, and probably attract some form of divine wrath even if not clerics by misusing Helm's name. simialr cases would be naming/knowing the Shadow Weave, claiming memberships you don't have, making up blatantly false orders, and so on. An IC lie should be portrayed as such, in an OOC history.

    While self-aggrandizing to some extent is going to occur, and since it's written form is the character's perspective, even more likely. We're more then likely to step in and point out stuff that completely is out of touch with the factual basis of what happened.

    lizard's note:

    Story writers are going to be putting in enough effort as it is, and going and checking and double-checking if their work portrays another character correctly or not may be a bit much to ask. So, if you write about a character in your story and you think they may not be following this project, send them a PM with the chapter(s) that concern them and ask them to read over and say if they're not happy with the portrayel of their character. In the author's eyes what they're writing is fine, without conflicts, or else they wouldn't write it or would voice their unsureness. We do need editors to check on spelling, grammer, readability, but we also need people involved in the plots to check in and make sure what's being written is true, or if it isn't 100% true, then it is still covering all the major points, and if you feel a change is needed then say so. No one here can read another's mind in any sense but the guessing game, we need you to tell us where we've stepped wrong.

    Just make a post in the relevent plot thread and say how you feel. If your character was braver than shown, if they never ran but stood and fought after drawing their opponent into a trap, or if your character was never so compassionate and charismatic but a true jerk, and you don't feel he's being portrayed enough as such. If you feel you've been treated unfairly by the author, whatever it is, let us know.


    I'd appreciate it if anyone outside of the project who wants to post something do so in the General Discussion thread on this forum than anywhere else, for the sake of keeping it all ordered.

    If you are involved with the project and havn't been given moderator privelages yet (ie. if you can edit this post, you're good!) then send me a PM.

    Oh, and i'd appreciate if people disabled sigs while posting in the "Plot:" threads. Makes it easier to read, trust me.

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