Assault upon Tilverton

  • With the planned raid upon the Strategist's Den, the Rite against the White Witch, and the completed cleansing of the Breeding Pits. I hereby suggest we move forth together with our allies against Tilverton, they shall not expect Arabel to rally together so soon, thus we catch them unprepared and vulnerable.

    Any objections?

    Luckbringer Ottilie

    (( 15:00EST / 20:00UTC Feb 13th / 09:00NZDT Feb 14th ))

  • Crimson Guard

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  • We need daring plans and smart moves to make this work, a northern balcony was pointed out to me thanks to the maps provided by our scout. A small group could scale the Northern walls to abuse this weak point, but we cannot turn any tide unless we open the gates and allow access into Tilverton. I encourage everyone to offer ideas how we can turn things into our advantage.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Wild Walkers

    Does a den of Tilverton hold many secret entrances like one of Arabel does? Perhaps they can find a path within, and see the gates opened.

    • Children of the Redwoods

  • Order of the Aster

    I heard a cycle ago that there is a secret tunnel below Tilverton containing an entrance into Tilverton.

    Where it empties out at, I'm uncertain.

    Luckbringer Ottilie,

    Can you place the Tilverton Map on the board? Lets review weak points as a team.

    -Sir Nicholas

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  • Admin [DM]

    A careful review of the area would be useful. I have spoken to the First Peer and she is prepared to negotiate with Obyn should it reduce the need to spend lives talking Tilverton. Confirmation of the Witches location will help plan the next move. The scouts have reported no sightings of the White Witch but given her abilities as a former War Wizard, that is hardly unexpected.

    I also have information that leads me to believe Obyn is hiring additional mercenaries and that tensions between the savage races and the human mercenaries is growing. Perhaps something that could be used to our advantage.

    Marshal Saga.

  • Crimson Guard

    Perhaps planting false information that the white witch is betraying Obyn might spark a civil war.

  • Order of the Aster

    I have dispatched a pair of scouts named Jessika (Bardess, runs distraction on scouting operations) and Danny Steele, a ranger from the west.

    While Jessika conducted a small performance in the market place, Danny completed a quick investigation, surveying the area of Tilverton.

    The Temple of Amaunator is barred and secure.

    The Lords House is defended by dozens of -known- men, with likely even more at the lords beckoning call.

    Obyn lies in wait with his lady wife, and a massive wolf with blood-red fur.

    As much as I would relish an attack on this false-lords home, offering absolution to the numerous Zhentarim, orc slime, and the traitor himself, we must also consider the townsfolk, and the dozens of kidnapped children stolen away to Tilverton. An attack on the city would see many innocent people slain. It is they who we must think of, and the many Arabellan parents who eagerly await their childrens' return.

    Atop of this, given the recent rumors (yet unconfirmed) Obyn has taken it upon himself to strike against the White Witch, expelling the White Horde from Eveningstar, clearing Tilverton. If this is true Then Tilverton may not be a war target at all against the White Witch, and perhaps - Obyn may have provided us an opportunity.

    If the rumors are true and Tilverton has been liberated of the White Witches control, this would make an ideal place to draw out the White Witch for a confrontation. The combined forces of Obyns mercenaries and the Crimson Legion, supported by the Council of Twelve could draw the eye of the Witch far from Arabel and end this foul war. The White Horde marches north, Councilors, what will we do?

    I suggest we offer Obyn the same deal we offered Sir Matrim Kingsley, who's crimes as it stands number far greater than that of Obyn Misrims. Service to Arabel, and a trial after the war is over.

    There is also the matter of the false retainer, Paul Crispin, who recently attacked us while flying a flag of truce. His crimes as it stands, are plentiful. I saw with my own eyes, he wielded the power of Nihlos Carver, and I presume he is a Death Cultist. Though I do admit, we set a dangerous precident with Sir Matrim Kingsley, when we offered his men amnesty, and he accountable. What are the councils thoughts of Paul Crispin?

    -Sir Nicholas,
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • Crimson Guard

    Paul Crispin - liability.

    • He could be Obyn's dog - in which case dealing with Obyn is tentamount to dealing with Paul Crispin.

    • He could also be more a cultist then a false retainer - in which case he would seek to further destabilize the situation and any possible negotiations between us and Obyn.

    Obyn - unknown

    • He could have been purely under the white witch's control - If this is so why did he not contact Arabel with offers of joining forces and is instead amassing his own?

    • If he is his own man we are looking at a man able and willing to commit matricide and kinslaying, which I think, needn't be elaborated on trusting those whom would murder even their families for power.

    Any deal with either Paul or Obyn I consider a temporary truce at best and turning our backs to a poisoned dagger at worst.

  • The people of Tilverton does not deserve to suffer any more, they have already lost too much, and they need protection. I agree that we should offer Obyn and his men the same deal as we did to Sir Matrim Kingsley, a truce until after the war when he shall face his trial. Cause I know we cannot let the White Witch, or her Horde roam free any longer. We have already sacrificed so much, let us not spill the blood of innocent.

    Service to Arabel, and a trial after the war is over.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Order of the Aster

    Where I agree with Ottilie, I refuse to allow Paul Crispin access to Eveningstar even if he is given amnesty.

    It is our right as a champions of Lathander to pursue this last remnant of the Cult of Death.

    I would hear from Exchequer Osco Appleblossom of Lord Islyn Misrims true House on the topic of Obyn.

    -Sir Nicholas,
    Dawnknight of Eveningstar
    Order of Aster

  • An outright assault on the town will result in the deaths of many civilians. And what is to say the orcs and Zhents inside wont be the ones killing them? Give me a few days to come up with a plan to draw Obyn out.

    However, Paul will be given no quarter. His crimes were committed before he joined with Obyn.

  • If I have understood us all correctly, we agree to the following:

    • We shall approach Tilverton and thereby Obyn with diplomacy, not steel
    • Paul should be excluded from any dealings

    Details will be ironed out as Exchequer Osco writes down his plan, but let us agree this is the way we want to move forward.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

  • Now that the true Lord Lady Islyn is in control of House Misrim, we can proceed with a diplomatic approach to Tilverton.

  • Crimson Guard

    As I have just been proven wrong on just about every account except Paul, too quick to judge and too quick to jump to action I'll let everyone else handle this as I am clearly incapable of delivering sound judgement.

    Boring conversation anyway.

  • With recent events in mind, a council meeting will be called focusing on how we wish to approach the issue with Obyn. Same time as the previously planned assault, lets put our great minds together and see how we may protect the people as best we can. Once we have resolved the matter with Obyn, we march upon the White Witch's tower, under one banner united.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

    • Obyn shall be approached under a banner of Truce and a banner of House Misrim
    • Lord Islyn's restoration has been publicly announced, Arabel's stance strengthened
    • Exchequer Osco will lead negotiations, with the remaining council as his protector and support
    • The rough plan is as follows:
      • A truce between Arabel and Tilverton
      • Tilverton will join Arabel as an ally in the battle against the White Witch and her horde
      • A trial will be hosted after the war is over, with Obyn's aid in the war in his favor (Same as Matrim Kingsley)
      • Obyn's son to be put under Lord Islyn's care

    We do this for the people of Tilverton, and none else. To protect the innocent, and spare our soldiers for the battle against the White Witch.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

    (( When is a good time for everyone to do this? ))

  • Order of the Aster

    //Monday sometime maybe? I'm totally down for that or sooner!!//

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