Strange Undead

  • Strange Undead.

    • Spotted first on the Dragon Trail, thin spindly corpses covered in shadows
    • More powerful than any uncovered before, two were a real challenge
    • Once beaten their corpse had to be destroyed, otherwise they kept rising again and again
    • Afterwards along the East Way, seven zombies of even sturdier flesh without shadows came towards us
    • Once slain, several dung beetles burst from their corpses which were quite difficult themselves to be slain
    • No blood or notes were uncovered in the nearby areas
    • It is not clear if the rot cult has become more powerful, or if something else has risen

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, Felaern, Rynn


  • A few days ago, Polk, Rizzy, and I were traveling around recently and encountered undead animals and birds.

    • dire boar - East Way Road near Bospir
    • falcons - Dragon Trail near crossroad with East Way Road
    • Kobold - Near Slindyke where Moonsea Ride meets Dragon Trail
    • Goblin riding a Worg - Near Slindyke where Moonsea Ride meets Dragon Trail
    • Orc shaman - Near Slindyke where Moonsea Ride meets Dragon Trail

    None of them had beetles burst out of them, but there also were no notes.

  • Human remains lied scattered across the High Road graveyard among the goats this morning, Sybil, Kirin and I had to return the remains to the mortuary for their reburial. There were no undead nearby, however it was like someone had been looking for something.


    • Gerald Smithson, the farmer owning the goats and dog by the mortuary, made a sending reporting his goats had been spooked by dug up graves
    • Upon arrival, we came across three dug up graves with human remains on top
    • Mr Smithson could not report any strange behavior, but noted that the dog failed to bark
    • We investigated the graves, found many tracks with some small ones to note headed North
    • The remains were returned to the mortuary for burial

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, the Commander


    • Sybil met twelve shadow zombies in the Storm Horns
    • One of them, maybe their creator, made of shadows and ropes said "what are you"
    • No blood or notes were mentioned
    • This creature must have incredible reach

    First Hand Reference: Sybil


    • Encountered a small group of beetle infested undead in the lands around the old Watchtower in Eveningstar with Rynn. About six or so, harder than normal undead to put down but nothing especially noteworthy.

    Perhaps this person is operating along the western trails into the mountains? It seems a recurring generalized pattern.


    • The Commander and I, came across a undead dwarf in the Hillmarch Mine, which snuck away without attempting a fight
    • Upon following the undead dwarf, we came across two more bug infested zombies
    • No blood nor note was found in the cavern after slaying the undead
    • We arranged a divine rite in an attempt to locate the source of the undead
    • First there was darkness, absolute and complete. A sense of something else near
    • Then there was a portal, sucking me in against my will into a bottomless pit of darkness
    • I felt a ragged breath, something within the shadows. Fear clawing at me
    • Pressing on, I felt as if I was in an endless black corridor, the throat-less beast's ragged breath drawing nearer
    • Finally, I sensed sand, burning and crushing sand, very very black sand. The beast had found me
    • When attempt to see it, I felt it pass me by with an inch, then suddenly my mind returned to my body in the Hillmarch cavern
    • The Commander aided me in recovering from the ordeal, then we retreated from the mines

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, the Commander


  • Order of the Aster

    Yesterday I produced a sending, saying we saved Elaine, Selifrey, and Kirin from the Maggots, and spoke of looking for Dario the Wererats parents who died during the purge of Arabel. I was attempting to provoke Dario the Wererat into giving up his position. What I received was a particularly disturbing sending.

    He said "You think you've saved them all?"

    Believe Dario is infecting people with these maggots for a purpose. Larva, as any schoolboy knows, grow up.

    Perhaps this Talonite plague is birthing undead after a period of time?

    We need an expert on this. I request permission to sharing sensitive information regarding the Council of Twelve with Elaine, of Ilmater. She's likely the foremost expert in Arabel on sickness.

    -Dawnknight Nicholas Alwin Appleberry.

    • Together with Jericho Wells, he and I travelled to Deadwell to map it out for the Dawnknight
    • We came across an orc's corpse, with thousands of cuts all over, like thousands of little claw marks
    • Deeper into the area, we came across dozens of.. moving hands which clawed at us
    • Deeper still, more hands were uncovered, leaving an unsettling feeling
    • We decided to wrap up for the day, finding no more clawing hands in the area

    First Hand Reference: Ottilie, Jericho Wells

  • With recent activity in Deadwell, I have started to dedicate my spare time to boosting Bospir's defenses. A letter has been sent to the Mayor of Bospir, along with a delivery of resources with the aid of Retainer Rismente and mercenary Therene. I encourage anyone with the spare time, to aid me with completing the village walls.

    Luckbringer Ottilie

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