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    The Dawn Squire is knowingly inciting the populace for his own ends. He is granting militia powers to outside groups. He is knowingly overreaching the application a law for his own gain.

  • I would like to point out that, from Arabel's very own lawbook, there is nothing barring outside groups from upholding law. It is not for my own ends, either. I act in the highest regard for the Law, and for my faith. Any and all coin taken for those that are breaching the ARABELLAN LAW for carrying necromantic goods will be given to the coffers of the Council. Thus the statements here that Retainer Polk brings up is, by any account, falsely accusing me of points that are, in no way, breaching the Laws of Arabel.

    -Dawnsquire Aritian Faressain

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    Attached are the correspondence I have had with him. Attached

    He is doing this, not to end necromancy, but to have his Order replace the War Heroes, the True Sun. His fellow mentioned in our correspondence, has told me they seek to have us renounce the True Suns as heretics and and embrace the Order of the Aster. He also represented that commerce leads to evil acts. They are targeting Onxy as a way to strike at some actual criminals and gemsellers at the same time.

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    They are using this both as punishment of law abiding merchants, and securing militia powers for themselves.


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    I request a vote of the Council of 12 for censure and removal of the Dawnsquire.

  • Admin [DM]

    These are serious claims. All parties are to make their opinions known and then a vote shall be called.

    Clerk of the Twelve

  • Appleberry of the Order has approached me more than once about securing mercenary forces to "protect Eveningstar" and now Aritain of the Order seeks to impose his narrow-vision interpretation of the Arabellan law to hinder the economy of the nation. One or the other might be seen as just a paladin being a paladin, but combined, they reek of a pot of dissention and a plot to overthrow our leaders.

  • Atleast someone is doing something...

    Fang Lilah

  • There is no law I have broken, nor no agenda I am pushing, aside simply keeping the dead at rest. With the findings of the nearby machine that can bring about raised undead, the mass quantity of Onyx, and onyx in general, should be outlawed, and I will see to it that it is such, as it falls under ARABEL'S LAWBOOK that necromantic reagents are illegal and treated as a serious crime for holding.

    I have broken no laws of the city's by announcing such, nor does Retainer Polk have any due cause nor reason to request my removal on the account that I am merely upholding justice.

    Dawnsquire Aritian

  • I wouldn't pull someone it for merely wearing an onyx shard in a necklace, I would worry about mass shipments of onyx, You have to remeber a stone is just a stone until it is utilized for something else. I do however agree with dawnsquire to a point. However I think we have a much larger threat than to police every person that has an onyx ring or shard.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Perhaps I might offer a compromise?

    -Redistribution of Contraband Items- Production, dissemination or storage of; literature with anti-Arabellan content, slanderous fabrications that target the Arabellan political and social system, propaganda or agitation with the purpose of undermining or weakening of the Councils power or with the purpose of committing or incitement to commit particularly grave crimes against the Free City State of Arabel; or items of a necromantic nature; or objects that interfere with the natural functioning of a soul; or items that permanently and detrimentally modify the free will of an individual.

    The law, as written, implies that objects that clearly indicate necromantic intent should be outlawed.

    Does the Onyx need to be modified in some fashion for it to be used in necromancy?

    Onyx has been traded for millenia and no nation has outright banned it for the same reason they do not ban kitchen knives or obsidian. It has more than one use and its publicly agreed upon use is for jewelry.

    Clerk Robinson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    This doesn't change the fact he overstepped!

    This is a council, not an autocracy, one member cannot declare a commonly traded commodity for jewel and gem merchants outlawed based on the activities of a few ne'er do wells. This affects far more than a small group of fanatics in Eveningstar, if House misrim decides that they do not like purple dye anymore as it indicates royal affiliation with House Obraskyr, can they ban its sale on the basis that it implies treasonous connection to Cormyr Native support?

    This is a dangerous precedent to set and unilaterally making a decision like this reeks of theological autocracy.

    Clerk George Wellson

  • Storyteller [DM]

    You are all timid little mice!

    A paladin acted when he saw a threat. Does the good, honorable sir wish to make this a permanent ban? Unlikely, halting the flow and trade of a certain COMMODITY is a common response when a market gets flooded for suspicious and strange reasons. It's not like Onyx is in fashion right now, no? It's hardly worn by our subjects, and we rightly should investigate the increase in the product's presence in our markets, and who is buying it.

    Clerk Morgan Rothwell

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Who cares?

    Onyx isn't even that popular in jewelry, the merchants will survive. Stop making our jobs even harder!

    Clerk Matthew

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    To Clerk Robinson's point. I gave him the option to change the wording to something more reasonable. He refuses.

    To Clerk Wellson. Well said.

    To Clerk Rothwell. You miss the point. HE does not have the authority to make the choice to limit any commodity.

    To Clerk Matthew, you job will be 10fold harder once the Order starts harming innocent merchants.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    No, it'll be easier.

    Fewer merchant licenses to issue, and my paycheck doesn't change.


  • Storyteller [DM]


    My office. Now.


  • Storyteller [DM]

    Word spreads of Matthew being shouted at by an incensed Scarbrough. Matthew then quietly produces a letter that appears to have the half orc's signature- silence issues, before the clerk is permitted to resume his duties with a smug little smirk.

  • Technically any citizen can uphold the law, the Dawn squire was trying to do just that, because the law book is so vague he happens to be right..

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    To Fang Lilah, the issue is not wether stoping necromancers is a good idea. It is the law! The point of this is his overstepping his authority and threatening innocent citizens over a clear and now obvious purposeful misinterpretation of the law.

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