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  • I'm just going to put this up as an announcement here, so anyone who's interested is clear that we now have 2 ways you can support Arabel financially. We keep a war chest of funds that are used currently to pay for hardware, and Arabel has a dedicated server, an Athlon 2400+, that runs nothing but the game. Ideally, we'd like to ensure our survival as long as we want to be up, and at some point, we may need to pay for bandwidth, although we currently have an arrangement that lets us run for free.

    We do not provide any consideration for support, this is to maintain the game's integrity. Of course, the time and talents of the DMs remains free, and the server is open to all regardless, but we appreciate the support, nonetheless.

    New Information:

    The new email for our PayPal is:

    And Patreon is found here:

    Old Info

    ! Edit on 9/5/05: Just as a note, we now pay monthly hosting fees. We no longer buy our own hardware, but currently pay for a combination hosting+hardware deal on a monthly basis, and just upgraded from an Athlon 3000+ package to an Athlan 3700+ (the fastest amd cpu available at the hoster, and nearly period).
    ! First, you can shop through us! We can earn between 5-20% of your Amazon purchases, so a new game bought there instead of elsewhere, for example, can earn us $1.50-$2.50 while costing you nothing. Please make your visits through our links, even if you're just browsing, because if you go there and look around, then come back to us to click through and buy, we will likely NOT get credit.
    ! Second, feel free to send us a donation via PayPal. The current address for donations is .

  • In keeping with this theme, I'd like to take a few moments to thank a few people who sent in funds to CoA since I took over managing the fund:

    Rollick (who'd be a CoA fellow if we had such a thing)

    Thanks for kickin' down. 🙂

  • Thanks to everyone who's been buying via Amazon, especially whoever bought the borg cube. 🙂

    And thanks to Sham for his donation.

  • We're up to about $60 in revenue via the Amazon link. Not colossal, but still good and appreciated. We've gotten preorders for 12 copies of HotU in the US and 13 copies via the UK link, which we expect will result in another $30+ dollars.

    Keep up the good work.

  • We've gotten up to about $120 total revenues out of the Amazon links. Thanks again to everyone.

    Please remember to do your Christmas shopping via our links whenever possible! 🙂 We're beginning to discuss a possible second server we can offload certain types of quests to.

  • Thanks to Ronim for your donation.

  • Additional thanks to Saxet/Mermartist and to Revelore for your donations.

  • Another thanks to games for another generous donation.

  • Thanks to Purpledust and Gregg G. for their donations.

  • Thanks to Moosh for kickin' down.

  • We've installed a google bar. Look ye favorably upon ye advertisers, for they shall grant us money for your attention. [Edit: google was removed because the amount of money simply wasn't worth the visual real estate]

    And thanks to Yann Ben Alluch Ben Amar for the donation.

  • Thanks to Nikko for his donation, Sham for another donation, and a big thanks to Rollick for YAGD. (Yet Another Generous Donation)

  • Since Mith retired from duty, we have been pretty slow in thanking people for donating, mainly because it meant bugging him and his wife to look them up. We asked for a list again, and here's a big thank you to these persons who donated (in some cases significant amounts) lately:

    Miller Lites

    To relieve Mith from bugging his wife for the PayPal account, I have set up a new PayPal account under our email address In a few days I'll know if it is working as intended 🙂

  • I forgot to add the donation games sent us - sorry 🙂

    I hope I did not miss anyone else, if you think you are missed PM me. The web page should have all donators.

  • Some more people donated about a year ago and I missed them since Mith's post was after the date we received the donation. So, another thank you goes to:

    The Pink Paladin

  • Since Mith did not include dates, I did not realize Rollick had sent us yet another big chunk of money. Thanks a ton!

    Second, I finally managed to set up the new PayPal address. So in the future, direct all payments to the PayPal account

  • The new Paypal account definitely works, and I thank Christiaan Groeneveld for his donation.

  • Even more thanks to

    Aaron Luck
    W S Graswinckel
    Dark Star Imaging

    for their generous donations.

    As a side note, the account is unverified - I tried to verify it by juggling my personal bank account between the CoA PayPal account and my own account there, but I could not trick them :). And since banks are notorious unwilling to create accounts for virtual entities, I decided to leave it unverified.

  • Another big, if somewhat belated thanks to Willow - serves you right if you use the wrong account 🙂

  • Thanks to Amber Cowley as well.

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