New old games

  • Is it me or are alot of the old games I use to play as a nipper and teen coming back?, further more they seem to suck and over simplified. Does everything have to revolve around a D20 now?, good examples of this is starfleet battles,traveller D20, the multitude of MMO RPGs,paranioa,shadowrun,Cyberpunk. Heck even battlech tech has come out with a 3085 and new more broken technology than before, and I thought the clans were BAD!.

    I mean who remberes the old school games like carwars,traveller,GURPS,first and second edition D&D,The old starfleet battle. Back when Huge battles depending on system could take DAYS or even your whole weekend! [a company size game of battletech is one way to kiss you weekend goodbye]. I mean here I am on thanks giving, and my younger relitives are pulling out their favorite games and cornering me after the feast and hand me theses to memorise and play for the family gathering this weekend.

    I can't say I like what I am reading, and some of it is down right an insult to ones IQ level!, has gaming targeted idoits and morons incapable of grasping simple mathmatics byond addition?. Isn't Roleplay suppose to be a mental exersize in both playing your role AND mechanical advantage?, this new stuff seems to only espouse 1+1 to get an advantage. Like in D&D 4th ed there are no flavorful feats, and everyone basicly does the same damage the only differaces are range and effect.

    Like D&D 2nd ed was total bais towards humans, there were stat requirement for races not to mention some hard math at some points, more so once your magic user got higher up in levels. Now it seems everything has to be bland, even and politicly correct. What happened?, what caused the taking of flavor out of todays roleplaying games?.

    To wrap this up, anyone feel like playing these older games with me, I'd gladly dust off my fathers fairly large traveller collection.

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