Portal Stones

  • Black Clover Society

    Xeras enters the library, dressed in his vestments and after casually browsing the shelves he makes an inquiry regarding Portal stones, how they work, the pocket dimension they lead to, and where he could obtain one.

  • Librarian Erih explains that portal stones are not something the library keep records of, as they only came to light a few months ago their nature has not been fully recorded. However, she explains that the late Councillor Marati of the Mage Guild was deeply engaged into the research of portal stones, as he was part of the adventurers discovering them. Additionally, she know that Novo is claimed to be the creator of the portal stones and that the pocket plane they are linked to is also his creation, but she cannot confirm the truth of this. If he wish to truly understand them, she recommends him to approach the Mage Guild regarding details of these stones, or to speak with her if he wish.

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