Immersea Property Inquiry

  • Neathon spends time at the legal offices of Arabel, the Arabellan Library, and among the dockworkers at Immersea. There, he offers blessings from Mystra in exchange for information regarding the ownership of two specific properties, those being:

    1. The temple, formerly to Ilmater, across from the Tyranshield Estate in Immersea.
    2. Grundo's Tower, also in Immersea next to the aforementioned temple, and long since boarded up.

  • The librarians report that no books on the subject of Ilmateran temples have been written in the last few years. They also comment that they have no books on Grundo, but that a bounty would be paid if a sufficiently literary work were written on the subject.

    The librarians wander off bemoaning the lack of decent authors in the recent past.

  • Under-Librarian Erih offers to research the subject further outside the Library if needed, as well as to speak with a source which may offer more information from the War Wizards. It may take a few days, but if Neathon need help in resources she is there to help. And offers a good reward for a report of his own personal findings.

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