Feats whit domain

  • I have a priest elf whit elven domain.. give me point blanc shot… but i can not take rappid shot cause the server dosent reconyse my point blanc shot when i level up... so basicly it mean i have to take point blanc shot two time ..???..

  • yup

  • No. (infact it is not posible to take Point Blank Shot twice, unless you select it BEFORE you select the domain. Which would result in a wasted feat.)

    There is more than just one requirement for Rapid Shot.

    The feat granted by the domain is in every way exactly like the normal one, because it IS the normal one.

    The only diferance is that you can not take the domain AND Rapid Shot on the same level, since you pick feats before domains.

    Rapid Shot also requires 13 dex. If you lack the dex you can not take the feat.

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