Research on Arabel nobility.

  • A young handsome man walks in, humbly greeting the librarian. Apparently he is no stranger to libraries and soon is seen hunched over large richly embroidered tomes and unassuming scrolls by the fireplace, sipping cheap wine from a glass. Obviously he's up for a full-fledged research that might take days or even weeks.

    Alard seeks all kinds of information on current status of noble families in Arabel. He pays special attention to houses that sprawled or were destroyed during the rebellion and afterwards. Most of all he's interested in information concerning the descendants of local nobility who were stripped of their lands and titles but are still believed to live in the city.
    He's also curious of any information regarding the so called loyalists.

  • 7. Current events are not in the library. Libraries have books, it often takes a lot of time for books to be written. To reflect this in game, the library does not have any books on anything that has EVER happened in game unless a player has actually taken the time to write it (for which they can get a pretty decent reward in gold). So if you want to learn about in-game events, get in game and talk to players. It may even be that the things you learn could be eventually added to the library via this process.

    Please, please read the notes on how the different forums should be used.

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