• This thread is for characters who have died or otherwise been retired.

    The Tip of the Hat thread remains as a place to recognize individual RP events.

  • Thanks to everyone who made Jando fun while he last, he definitely helped me get back into CoA after a long hiatus. Special thanks to my hin pals Matthias and Barthony. Also thanks to the DMs for the epic battle he died in.

  • Good job Jando. We found you, buried and all retrieved.

    Barthony's fate remains a mystery! Missing - Presumed Dead!

    Nicely done both of you. Team Hin lasted such a short time. It was fun though!

  • Loved Jando!

  • Ttrir went to his death today so id like to say Cadiz is a great role player and with alittle help he built a pc faction and got dm made stores and it's own headquarters.
    A very well played character and a very fun player to play with kudos.

  • Ttrir, you my only friend. Now you dead. Late.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    thanks guys.

    I have to say that the support that Thunderholme Trades got from everyone was great, and especially to those within the faction and to Zool - thanks for making it so good.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Deputy Lance is dead, it unfortunately made no sense story wise to bring him back from his last death. Sorry to those I was RPing with that this spoils.

  • I hope you have better luck with your next toon! Archer!!!

  • I've been sitting here for a while trying to think of just the right way to word this. . . But then I figure, I don't think it matters much.

    I'd like to thank everyone who's made playing Lisa Amraphen a lot of fun over her time here. Both DM's and players. Through the ups and downs and how her story went, it's been an interesting ride. Even though ultimately she never accomplished anything she set out to do (or got asked of her to do by her patron) she was fun. . . Unfortunately I've run completely out of steam so I guess this is goodbye for now.

  • 😢

  • Lisa Amraphen was really really fun to roleplay with, her reactions and interactions were what made my character interesting to others in the first place. Between the sheriffs and the shadowmasters, they've made my character fun to play with, I was sad to see the shadowmasters go, just as I'm sad to see Lisa go, but I'm all the more happy to of have had the chance to be a part of your stories (too brief though they might have been)

    Cheers, and I hope to see you again someday!

  • @Gorga469:



  • Lisa Lisa Lisa!!!

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Well Celdor went to the big forest in the sky.

    I had fun playing him and being the mage everyone loved to hate.

  • Loved to play with both Lisa and Celdor, got to do too little of it unfortunately. Good job!

  • Lisa was a well played character I really enjoyed the rp with her in her early days well done.

  • Lisa was an awesome character that I feel honored to have known through the "life" of two of my own.

    If you choose for this to be her final battle, then I will respect that but I ask you to consider what that event showed you about the impact you have on other characters.

    There were characters there whose sole purpose was to keep Lisa alive so she can do the will of her god and finish the job. Those same characters risked "life and limb" to see to her return to be able to fight another day.

    This is a critical moment in the story where she is needed badly.

    I understand your feelings and I sympathize but I ask you to consider a break instead of retirement. Lisa still has the final battle in her and the story will then be complete. Hers is one story that can shape the server and I would love to see it through to the end.

    So, take some time. Give Lisa a vacation but please don't completely write her off. Leave open the option to come back to us in the relatively near future.


  • Lisa will come back to the sheriffs after she finishes high school…:P

  • Both Lisa and Celdor were well played characters and they were both great to RP with.

    Here's hoping to interact with your next characters