Tip of the Hat

  • Old one was getting too long anyway.


    This is the only place to post one or two-liners recognizing people for events that cannot generally be described without spoilers. Any posts made elsewhere that fit the bill for this thread will be deleted without warning. Any person that continues to make posts elsewhere in this forum that should go here will lose their posting privileges.

  • Wanted to give Props to Katherine_Stoneriver for Lisa Amraphen and People for Oni for the really fun rp today.

    Never had a "Fish Race" before…. But I'm thinking it should be a new festivity now.

    Was great fun thanks.

  • Good fun with Azalyn and Vendric (Galil?)

    Especially Vendric, who came into the Bottle afterwards and had the nerve to enter the ring unarmoured and waving two bastardswords. You, sir, have style.

  • The word is Swag, Vendric's got Swag 😃

  • a tip to everyone who participated in the Capture the Flag match today. Even with the confusion it was still fun and I hope everyone else had fun too! 🙂

  • Why thank you, Lizard man. I try. XD (vendric, btw)

  • Great tip of the hat to Kathrine Stoneriver for Lisa Amraphen. I find that the recent couple of sessions our two characters had were most incredible. Thank you dear :oops:

  • PurpleDiamond.

    Awesome, Fun, Awesome. Love Nawen.

  • @An:


    Awesome, Fun, Awesome. Love Nawen.

    Aww… Thank you!! You're pretty amazing, if I do say so myself! It's always nice to role play with you.

  • Normally I don't bother even reading this forum, much less posting to it, but I thought I'd just say great job to everyone involved in the experiment at the Mage Guild. For those who don't know, the Guild tried to create an entity comprised of oozes encased in an ankheg shell (in Gina's words, "crunchy on the outside, creamy in the middle"). It was a mini event full of both humour and pathos, with a truly superb job done by all, especially the role-playing of carrying out the ritual."Seter", "Verk", "Purple Diamond", and "Midgets. Midgets Everywhere" all were extremely good. Also huge props to Arkham's officiation and role-playing. Sadly, I can remember neither the character name nor the account name of the one who's experiment it truly was, it was a character I've never met before probably because it was during a time I don't normally play. He/she was excellent. If any of you aforementioned good peoples would enlighten me, that'd be favourite.

  • Fireminded aka Zlovol Kraaj. Truly an amazing performance by him

  • Gina is hot.


  • Loved having a Sunite chilling with us while I was carrying out possibly the most disgusting experiment I've seen so far in CoA. Great reactions from all involved, special thanks to Green Monster's Gina Valmonde for making me laugh at the irony throughout the whole process.

  • Yeah, solid RP from all of you involved in the Kraajling Phase I experiment. Can't wait for Phase II!

  • nuuuu! I missed it! Curse you RL…

    Cuddos to my fellow guilders. Hope some of you got the logs or screenies!

    Takes for the Mage Guild Team for making it a fun experience so far with a lot of great RP.

  • Major league thanks and props to everyone in and around the Sheriffs as of late. It's been a real pleasure to watch the faction grow from nothing to a real tight knit team of disciplined friends. I totally can't wait to see what comes out of our plans and schemes.

  • The sheriffs deserve it, and I'd like to give a props right back at you. Managing to solve problems and take down criminals while at the same time involving tons of people and anyone interested, making it fun for all including myself 🙂

  • @Kathrine:

    I totally can't wait to see what comes out of our plans and schemes.

    Death and evisceration?

  • Had a great time with Moria, Brianna, Celedor, Darlara, and Nokar during last nights DM spiced quest. I died halfway through, but I still had a bunch of fun. and Devilsorchard, if you see this, you sir, are creepy.

  • I popped on after a long and entertaining day RP last night, for just a minute or two, and Raghat and Vidar easily turned that into another six-seven hours with some very entertaining role-play in and out of Arabel. Thank-you very much!