Spell duration question

  • Will casting a duration spell on top of the same exsisting and active spell reset its duration? Or do I have to wait for the spell to run its course?

    For example I notice one hour remains on my cats grace so I cast cats grace again in order to reset the duration to 5. Works that way?

  • Yes casting a spell on yourself that's already active will reset the duration. And at the same time it won't

    What actually happens is the old effect is still active with the new one overlapping it, you just don't notice the old one expiring usualy because they're often the same bonus (which don't stack)

    Sometimes you will notice because the bonuses are different. "Say you have 1 IG hour left on cats grace which gave you +5 dex, then cast another cats grace for +3 dex, you won't notice you got less dex until that IG hour expires and leaves you with only +3"

    Hope that helps.

  • except for bard song. which will just a waste a use of spell song. Cant be "resung" till duration of first song expires

  • Barbarian's Rage also gets wasted if you use it before the first one ends.

  • if you , for example have raznor cast his lvl 10 mage armour on you, expect 10 hours of the spell unless some helpful person also casts their less effective spell as you enter the level1 quest thus stripping the spell Raznor cast and only giving you the 1 hour protection that they can manage.

    tl:dr - it negates the previous version.

  • I think mage armor is different, as the game removes it if you put on an armor.
    If it handles "putting armor on" based on AC gain, it might remove the previous spell, because you received the same type of ac from a different source.

    Note that this is speculation. 🙂

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