• ok tried this 3 times now and i am getting nowhere with it.

    i have followed the instructions exactly as said in the read me file.

    either i am doing it wrong or i don't understand the instructions
    so please refrain from answering with read read me text.

    can anyone simplify the instructions for a techno idiot?

    i clicked extract into my override folder but i don't even know if they unzipped properly as it seemed suspiciously fast 😛

  • It might be easier to get the new City of Arabel downloader.

  • Yes, it works perfectly.

    It's so smooth that the fact that it puts ponies on the spell selection screen is easily ignored.

  • exalt and to whomever crated the launcher…your especially exalted

    thanks guys...lock this topic 🙂

  • The moral of the story is that the launcher is just as magical as everyone says it is. Thanks downloader!

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