Celestial Concerto

  • I have six levels in bard and heal rank of 19. At what point do I churn 3hp instead of 2hp?

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  • according to the wiki you already should heal 3 points.
    So… someone who knows the solution, update the wiki accodingly!


  • needs both perform and heal ranks…

  • does the skill rank needed in perform equal that of heal?

  • not sure but i think so, foig i guess….

  • If i recall… it is not Bard LEVEL, but a concept known as Bard RANK.
    if you look at Bardsong feat description, you will see it specified Level 1+3 peform, Level 2+6 perform, Level3+9 perform etc
    To have a "BardRank" of 3, you need Bard level 3 -AND- Perform 9.

    Your healing has two requirements. Your "BardRank" and Your Heal/5.
    At one point it was reduced one, but that might be what got it to Heal/5, as opposed to heal/5 rounuded up.
    Cant recall.
    At level 6, if you had 9 ranks of perform, but no CHA modifier, you'd just miss out.

  • thanks for that games

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