Map of the Southeastern Quarter

  • A dirty looking man in a strange blue overcoat wanders in and rifles about for some maps dating back to the civil war era.

    After searching for a moment he stops one of the librarians and inquires about this, explaining that he's trying to find buildings that have since fallen, as he suspects at least one had some historic signifigance. When asked what this might be, he explains that one such building was used exclusively for mining by Bhaliir's workers.

  • _Any maps, ledgers and surveys would by all accounts have been kept in the then extant Callahan Counting House.
    Which was likely swallowed up in the Great Collapse, the librarian muses.
    Most of any such surveys would have been originally composed by the Grey Dwarf masons in Lord Bhaliir's employ.

    The public records contain no such documents, but would pay handsomely for any copies acquired, states the scholar._

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