Auto-Involvement vs Earned Spot

  • I've been hearing alot of accusations lately of elitism. Honestly this isn't fair. It seems to me that some people are expecting to immediately be involved, immediately get followers, immediately have doors open for them but behave in a way IC that doesn't warrant it. I am not going to list examples, but they are numerous. The fact of the matter is this. Nothing is freely given, it is earned.

    If you want to be involved you have to play a character that can either mesh into a current group well enough to function, or you have to be smart enough to be able to set the trends and have people model after you. Characters that are mean and un-likable do not attract more nice characters for the sake of adventure. Characters of conflicting attitudes tend to only work together when there is little alternative.

    To end the rant, if elitism were occurring to the extent I see some people suggest, DMs would step in. DMs would not support players who were exclusive rather than inclusive. But just because DMs expect players to be inclusive does not mean you instantly involve anyone who wants in. You need to earn trust and respect amongst characters to gain friends and allies.

  • Seen such threads on every PW i played on. It's ike when you confront a class with a question why don't they chill out with the new guy. Why should they? I mean cliques are normal in real life and shouldn't be seen as something terrible in online games. So i don't want to further touch this subjects because that can only lead to releasing worms from a can.
    That said, what i want to say concerning the subject, is that if you really want to be an "inclusive" player and involve more people outside your usual established circle (which you don't have to btw), you need to go out of your way and be proactive, as it is usually a mutual effort. One probably can't earn something another person is not willing to give him in the first place.

  • @Khamal:

    You have to be jovial nice to get anywhere. Or force win PvP to get respect.

    Jovial nice won't necessarily get you anything, either.

  • @Khamal:

    but I do sometimes expect something anything because of my concept.

    Huh? Not sure what that sentence means, guessing you put in an extra…word or something?

    Some things come with application characters. But you still have to be active to get involved in things no matter what app you got approved, things don't really just fall into players laps.

  • You probly don't see them actively recruiting/convincing/tricking people and adventuring in game along with those bulletin posts. Or, they OOC recruited pre creation.

  • Also, considering that a thread like this has the potential to get really heated, I am putting people on notice that at the first sign of that, I am locking this thread, even if it means denying myself lolz over people trolling each other. Be respectful, and avoid getting personal, and things will be golden.

  • Direfish makes an excellent point here on the end of his comment.
    I think it would be for the benefit of everyone if people tried this. I feel pretty much outside from everywhere, yeah. I blame myself though, so I don't get nervous. But.. was this the original question?

  • The origional "statement" was that to be involved you have the do the right things and ally with the right people. It was also that things do not, as Zool put, fall in your lap (Except very rarely. Even then, you still need to do the right things and have the right allies). You have to create opportunity, and not hamper it.

  • You can be surprised how many plots you can get on if you force your way into them

  • To think of it, it would be fitting if the OP clarifyed what kind of feedback did he/she actually expected from others. Without understanding what exactly this thread is about, i find it really hard to constructively comment.

  • I'm confused. :S What's this about?

  • LaF's rules for getting loot, fame, and dm shizzle.

    1. Involve others.

    2. See rule one.

    Ok, now thats done, heres some examples of 1 for those of you that are tired of hearing that as the end all be all answer.

    Build a group, and have a purpose. Explore the elven ruins, scour the underdark for some rare herb to build a shrine to lurue, or simply make a group intent on killing Marati (ok thats not really a good example, since your group will be without a purpose when he rage quits over a quest death, but kill him anyway) Don't let your ego get in the way of joining a group instead of starting one either, well done follower's names ring out as loud as the leaders usually.

    Start a war between two factions. Everyone loves war, and war involves everyone. This example always has the danger of being overused though, so look for diplomacy on the edge before getting out there to push.

    Do something against a player faction. Kill someone, blow up their base, disrupt something they are working on. Nothing says involving others more then them thinking day and night on how to kill your dude/chick. Not for the faint of hearted (aka the "I hate pvp" crowd).

    These are the basic suggestions, the options are only limited by your imagination. It all comes down to having a set of goals. But thats just the begining. Once you get out there, there are a few things you need to remember;

    Being afraid to fail will lead you to doing nothing. Getting angry beyond reason over failure will lead you to disgruntledness. If you are new to the "big plans" style of play on CoA, you will fail more then suceed with the first few characters. If you do suceed with your first big plan character, log onto irc and brag about it. You will be in a very small/non-existant minority.

    Don't be afraid to adjust your plans. Characters die, plots change, DM's realize they need to worry about real life. These are the realities of CoA. If you are stuck, take the time to reinvent, or simply make a new character. Don't get rigidly attached to your pre-play vision, let the game take you where it does.

    Have fun. If this is impossible, take a break or make a new character.

  • I am one of the -least- reliable players on the server and I can tell you from experience that the players here are forgiving as all get-out, with the exception of very few. The very few players who are not interested in taking someone on are in no way obligated to unless given very good IG reasons.I see fairness across the board. Personally, I have been given numerous chances and had a handful of players actually take me under their wing to help me understand the game and have loads more fun. this is a -GAME- of imagination and fantasy role-playing. If you need a friend to help you get along with the others, just ask someone for a pointer, the DMs are a great resource and so are the players. go get involved and don't be afraid to ask questions!

    Perhaps my ignorance is showing, but I doubt elitism is a serious problem here.

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