Things you'd never hear CoA Characters say.

  • Katherine Stoneriver: I'm Sober
    Thomas Wright: I'm Broke
    Novo: I'm a gnome.

  • @Raticide:



    Fignar: What I think we should do, is talk to the giants, try and make a deal, put your weapons away everyone, I'll offer them a cookie and we'll go from there yeah?

    Are you sure?

    facepalms on behalf of dwarves everywhere

    I was unaware that Dwarven Paladins had to slay without thinking just any Giant that seems peaceful and/or good, especially when we're stripped of our detect evil…


    Dwarven paladins should probably be suspicious of any giant that seems peaceful and/or good and then go about trying to discern the truth rapidly, especially when stripped of the crutch of detect evil.

  • Next person to facepalm gets hit with a rock

  • Amber Steel: PRAISE BANE!

    Scott Keellip: This is Suna, we're having a divorce.

    Alex Keellip: Slaadi are our friends.

    Scott Keellip: I wet myself.

    Clar Banda: Time to save Eastway. -^.^-

    Amber Steel: Nice ass.

    Wait a minute…

    Caek: Facepalms

  • Damien Locke: Oh. My brother is dead. Maybe I could animate him.

    Taj'miri Alar: Elisae? You can have her, I do not mind.

  • @Caek:

    Next person to facepalm gets hit with a rock

  • The Patrick Stewart facepalm is my favorite.

  • Old V3 character I forgot the name of: "It is my understanding that the guards are intelligent and just people."

  • Lucius Moore- let's be rational and think about this before we kill everyone.

  • Lucius Moore - "I actually love Johnny Depp more than Orlando Bloom."

  • Jahlyssa: "Vrack, I've never said this before, but… I simply can no longer resist your rough charm. Kiss me. Kiss me now!"

    Vrack Haker: "Try and bash the door down? What are you, some kind of brute idiot?"

    Rumble: "Leave the singin' for the too talls!"

    Nathaniel Reyn: "Did you see that Sharess lass over there? Gave me a tremendous boner, she did."

    Camille: "A limp? What? This is my pimp walk, fool!"

    Dani Addams: "I ~guess~ I can try eating my foe's heart at least this once, just to make you happy, Vrack."

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