I'm back, need some help from friends

  • Alright, so now that I'm done prepping for my deployment and I'm actually here, I found out I actually have enough free time and fast enough internet to start playing again. I think I'm going to pull a Hollywood and do a "Gritty Reboot" of a past concept. It will of course be a new character with a new backstory however I'm going to be recycling a class I've already done. If possible I'd like to hear from some of the players I spent alot of time IG with or talked to alot OOC before I left to see what past character of mine they enjoyed playing with the most and it /may/ influence what I do for a new concept. So without further adieu here is the list of my "successful" characters:

    Landon Tyrell - Paladin of Torm - Knight Errant of the Red Hart (Started around the same time as the slime cult, retired before the Legion War)
    Lear'Megil - "Blade Dancer" Fighter/bard - ran with Hound and the other elves (part of the Takata storyline)
    Vincent Le'Chance - Rogue - Started as a spy selling Team Evil's secrets to the good guys but became corrupted by a fiendish cult while trying to infiltrate it.
    Ravor Vanchette - Shadowmancer - Performed research on the Shadow Plane for the Mage's Guild as a Novice
    Lucien Grey - Fighter - Legionnaire and strict follower of the Knightly codes of honor and his soldier's oaths.

    As I said, the concept will be a brand new one, I just wanted to see how other people enjoyed my RP and play style so I can better understand what I'm good at.

  • Play an evil villain based on Scar! 😃 We need more "long-term" evil around

  • There hasnt been a true dedicated Stark Wyvern in a long time.
    One to actively train Wyverns and recruit them.
    This should change imo.

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