• As some of you may know, I normally play a no good dirty rotten thieving gang leader, and while this process has been very very rewarding fun-wise, I have come upon a little trouble with gathering gold. Which is strange, because thieving gang leaders should have a lot of gold.

    Granted, the reasons for this are very IC, because up till now, my character hasn't ever needed gold, or even wanted it, but with the increase in gang members, I'm having a harder and harder time providing compensation for their good services. Only being able to play on the weekends isn't helping either.

    I guess what's starting to bother me is that by the time I've used so much gold for plot reasons, I barely have enough to pay my folks, and after that, I can't very well restock on my potions, and at about this time my mind keeps going back to all these folks we could have robbed blind, except we didn't, as it would have made the entire fun situation sour, (or so I feel.)

    So, with that said, I'm definately not whining about my inability to gather huge amounts of gold- I'm just curious how some of you guys are pulling it off, and I'd also like to hear from some of you guys who have led large criminal organizations before- how did you handle the money?

    I guess one obvious answer is that I should find more time to do BIG criminal heists that'll get a lot of gold, so I'm barring that advice of course. Unless you really need to troll.

  • Quests and bounties

  • I'll be honest, i don't really care about what people say about "plotting brings gold". My experience is that plotting -costs- gold, and it costs a lot of gold.

    For me, it is mostly questing that brings gold, but that may be ebcause i do not have the patience to be a merchant. Questing has been my major source of gold for all but one char whose major source of gold was mugging other players.

    I'd suggest getting in touch with the the dm who has been supporting your plots and ask them what can be done to remedy the situation.

  • Make all gang members pay monthly tithes.
    Tax other criminals who work on your territory.
    Protection racket.
    Illegal trade.
    That kind of stuff.

  • Agreed with CB. Unless part of your plot is ganking others, plotting costs gold. Every single possible DM quest I've been on, with the exception of two for the benefit of the doubt, has yielded a net loss in gold. And that's fine, because it furthered a plot. I'd gladly empty out for plot completion/extension.

    But yeah, questing is my main source. Also, remember which NPC merchants buy what and for how much. Also watch player bulletins and judge who might want a specific item you have. Just found a +1 dwarven war axe? I'll bet a Thunderholme Dorf would pay tons for that. Get a middleman and sell it. Found a sweet elven rapier? Sell it to an elf.

    That's how I do it, anyway.

  • Also like Bane said, if you contact a DM and lay out your plans, and if they see you're involving people you could probably pretty easily work out something that will enable you to get the gold you need.

  • Don't ask me. Every character I've tried to have seriously start some stuff has ended up completely bankrupting himself, being unable to buy potions, and then died as a result.

    That said, my PC is trying very hard to push your agenda right now. He also has some gold. Don't forget to ask for help from your loyal henchpeople; we all want the group to rock as much as you do.

  • This is all good stuff so far. 🙂 Thanks guys.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Play more Petey and quest more often, gold is ridiculously common, but, at the same time, tends to dry up fast due to the increased cost of everything as a result.

  • @Jared:

    Also like Bane said, if you contact a DM and lay out your plans, and if they see you're involving people you could probably pretty easily work out something that will enable you to get the gold you need.

    If you're plotting interests a DM, the DM will likely want to you continue plotting and will help resource it. However, DM help for plots may come with obligations. Nothing in life is "Free".

  • Best thing about what Abby just said is that even though such a thing comes with obligations, those obligations open up even more plot opportunities. 😃

  • What would such 'obligations' be?

  • I imagine they wholly depend on the situation IC, depending on who you're dealing with etc.

  • Well, you've got to remember this is an MMO, and you're one of a hundred "main characters", so an automatic gods-given win, or resources isn't going to happen. If you're paying your men for their loyalty, that's cool, I like it, but there's some semblance of realism here. If you can't afford it, you can't afford it.

    Much like real life, you can't just start a business without funding. Before you hire out employees and buy an establishment, you need some sort of investors. Go find NPCs that can fund your operation in return for services.

  • I agree that it's ahrd for criminal leaders to get gold.

    This is where illegal trade like bloodstone- and poison trade kicks in to help criminals. If you got something great planned, some shady NPCs or PCs might be willing to give you a loan or fund your operations. 😉

  • We've actually gotten a lot of support so far, which makes me feel worse for bringing it up. 😞

  • I know some great NPC Loansharks out there. "And these people will - quite literally - take off clothes of your back." if you default.

  • Lol.

    This has actually been really great; it's got me thinking outside the box for a few schemes that ought to be fun as well as rewarding.

    I think I might enforce a slum- tithe and make fellow criminals pay gold if they want in on "my turf."

    Might also make new members pay for membership, as our group DOES have a lot of benefits now.

    I also have a spoiler-plan that Mushroom sent to me that's actually really good. If risky. But that's the fun!

  • Getting most stuff for free has result in my current character to be filthy rich, but she will gladly throw it in your face for a book or two!

  • I'm rather poor gold and equipment and character wise. I love to know the serect on finding items over gold though

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