[low priority] [what is griefing?]

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    "mait question, what is giefing."

  • "Griefing is the act of chronically causing grief to other members of an online community, or more specifically, intentionally disrupting the immersion of another player in their gameplay."
    Griefer's aim is to extort a strong emotional reaction from their victims, so you might compare them to trolls.
    In your case it rather looks like the player in question was just incosiderate and showed lack of skill to roleplay a conflict in this situation.

    Don't feel humiliated just because someone has better pvp skills and more time on their hands to level.

  • Don't get mad about it, do something cool with it! Who is this dastardly man, and what are you going to do about him? Is your character impressed? Maybe wants to join him and learn how to become a bad-ass who can solo entire party's? Or maybe your character is enraged, and will now do anything they can to oppose this person? Or maybe you just won't go in the sewers again. It's up to you to decide! That's the fun part.

  • So lets see.. you're travelling with Harrusk.

    A man who, at best, is of ill repute. And has crossed, in a not so friendly manner, some of the most vile dangerous and powerful men in all of Arabel on more than one occassion.

    You're travelling in the Ruins/Sewers.

    A place known not only for it's dangerous and random spawns, but also because it's one of the few safe havens for criminals on the server.

    So you're in a dangerous criminal safe-haven with a man who's pissed off a bunch of powerful criminals.

    You're surprised you got beat up?

    Do what Dark Lord said.

  • Player versus player conflict is part of the server. From what you said it only seem like he beat you guys down and didn't even mug you. I see no reason for you to be distressed. Losing battles is part of the fun! You can't always be on top. Without risk victory means nothing anyway. We're here to help write a story. Not to play heroes that never lose.

  • Oh I've lost some! trust me!

  • If you feel you've been griefed by another player, please handle it with the DMs instead of turning it into a forum fight.

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  • Storyteller [DM]

    What happened was not griefing but a very amusing occurrence of a generally incompetent group getting their ass handed to them by a powerful PC.

    Sounds legit to me!

  • I was wondering what griefing is, ok lock it up

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