Anath Gereon

  • Well sadly the run has come to an end. My computer cant take screenshots so I decided to post my character's write up here instead. Anath was intended as a general get to know the server character as I am still learning Arabel as a player. Anath was originally designed not to be as arrogant as he turned out, however the more I thought on how a young priest of an ancient and fading Faith would act the more arrogant Anath became. He was also my first attempt at a cleric, which was a lot of fun.

    • Et Tu

    Anath Gereon:

    • General Information -
      Name: Anath Gereon
      Race: Human (Tethyrian)
      Archetype: The Herald
      Deity: Jergal
      Profession: Acolyte of the Scriveners of Doom
      Class: Cleric
      Alignment: LE
      Age: 29
      Home: Saerloon, Sembia

    • Important Notes -
      Anath is an Acolyte of the Scriveners of the Doomed, as such he is a layman of the Faith of Jergal and not an officially recognized member of the church of Jergal (though hopefully that might change if he earns it IG).

    • Background -
      Anath is of the line of Gereon, a line believed to have stood in service to the Lord of the Dead since the antiquity of Netheril. While much of the lore of the line of Gereon is lost, it is known the line of Gereon was directed by the Scriveners of the Doomed to serve in the small shrine of the Scribe of Doomed in the Sembian city of Saerloon around 1283 DR. A strange thing, but the Scriveners of the Doomed had thrived in the strife and intrigue that swirl about Saerloon in particular and Sembia in general. For often one of the decadently wealthy inhabitants would seek out the Scriveners of Doom for the ancient lore the Faith is rumored to hold, or the wealthy would seek to gain the services of the whispered dark arts rumored to be offered by the Scriveners of the Doomed when an individual was determined to be judged worthy of death by the Pitiless One.

    It was into this decadence that Anath was born, and in this swirling political strife that Anath grew to manhood. One whom viewed all that was crumbling about him, while instructed on the ancient lore and ancient line of his Faith and Family. His mind filled with the past glories of Empire and a Faith that bent knee to none, while his eyes were filled with the decadent and gaudy falsehoods of Saerloon. Such contrast bore a deep inner fire that such would not be allowed to stand, an oath given that Anath would seek the lore of the ancients and bring the Faith to it’s rightful place once more.

    Knowing this of Anath, and acknowledging their own inner fires for such, the Scriveners of the Doomed judged Anath worthy of the title of Acolyte of the Scriveners of the Doomed by his twenty ninth year. Upon his acceptance as an Acolyte of the Scriveners of Doom, an charge of two parts was placed upon Anath is accordance with the ways of the ancients. Anath was to travel to the war torn settlement of Arabel where Tyche herself was said to walk once more. In Arabel Anath was to recover what the ancients lore of the Faith he could. Specifically Anath was to seek the most sacred of lore known as the Hour of the End, or the time the Pitiless One had proclaimed all that was living was to die. Anath was to seek this lore so that the Faithful might stand ready upon the call of the Lord of the Dead. In addition to the above, Anath was to bring the descendants of those whom turned from the ancient Faith to their knees before the Lord of the End of the Everything, for the Hour of the End comes.

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