Nasa Success: Curiosity defies all odds and lands!

  • The newest rover that had a very small chance of actually succeeding has succeeded in landing tonight!

    It's the biggest most bad ass project that NASA has launched since the moon landing. It had over an hour of automation (no humans controlling it) for the project to land without a hitch (they had 14.5 minutes, give or take, to make final adjustments and they didn't have to). A fully capable "rover" of a much bigger size with much more technology landing by "Sky Crane" (literally the dropship lowered the rover by crane, broke off, and flew away) to prevent dust, malfunctions, hard landing, etc. etc..

    Project Curiosity is now on Mars and already delivering photos nearly 4 hours before projected timeframe, and this time without malfunctioning equipment on landing. The sad part is you can't hardly find any info about it on major news sites because they're still talking about chicken and gay rights. Doesn't matter if you're the biggest advocate of gay rights there is, you have to admit it's sad that this wasn't headlining a week ago!

    We might very well now have the tool on the "red planet" to give us all we need to know about finally sending a human there. Crazy stuff. Ground breaking stuff!

    Here's a video that shows what the rover went thru just to land!

  • I was watching live. "Touchdown Confirmed" was a great thing to watch.

    Yay Science!

  • It was breathtaking. I literally teared up, and that's saying something for me. This is history, but no "majority" knows it yet.

  • Crazy.

    First thing I hear about something so important is that it has already happened….

    The "news" programmers need their heads examined.

  • Watched it live , was immense! Epic leaps and bounds for human progression.

  • I suppose they didn't want great attention until they manage to reach the surface.
    Mars mission statistics are below 50%, from what I hear in the news. In fact they didn't say whose missions were counted, and I'm terribly undereducated in the subject.

  • Teh awesomeness!

  • Watched it live the other night. Took a drink every time one of them said, "Nominal."

  • Really awesome!

  • @yeahchris:

    Watched it live the other night. Took a drink every time one of them said, "Nominal."

    Even more awesome… NASA drinking game... 😃

  • So is this new Rover like a tow truck, to get the other Rover out of that sand trap it's stuck in?

  • ^ Meh. People shouldn't be so quick to condescend.

  • Let's not learn from the pride and vanity of scientists willing to literally throw punches at each other to determine who has the better scientific achievement.

  • Um… you all do know that's satire. Right?


    The Borowitz Report
    Fake news and political satire.

    Story made me laugh my ass off.

  • Oh. Wow, I'm embarrassed now. 😃

  • Maybe if they really did fall into name calling and bickering more news outlets would cover science. Although, I believe I've heard it put, getting your science covered in the news is a double edged sword- while it's nice to get some recognition; they rarely send anyone who can understand what the science really means. Then the guy who didn't understand you goes off and reduces what he didn't understand to a 6 paragraph article; usually entitled, "What you don't know about X could be killing you."

    Remind me never to play poker with dudes from NASA. High stakes bets is their game.

  • Its moments like this that give me faith in humanity. Well done NASA

  • Fake? Oh. Herp. LOL

  • My quip about the Tow Truck was a nod towards the Episode of "The Big Bang Theory" when Howard Wolowitz invited his date, Stephanie, to drive it at a secret facility. Instead, the rover became stuck in a Martian ditch and he spent the rest of the night with Sheldon and Raj trying to undo the damage. When this proved unsuccessful, he decided to erase the hard drives of the facility to cover up his meddling, only to later find out that the rover had discovered the first clear signs of life on mars.

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