City of Egypt!

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    Never a dull day with the GWC. Today we decided to move a boulder.

    Shouldn't be too hard right? Just need an ox… Oh, what, no one is available that can tame animals? Hm... well... we have a group... we have axes... we have men... lets do it!

    The brave souls who came to aid.

    We ended up felling three trees, making several logs from them and having a good laugh at Ryan in the process.

    Got the logs, found the rock, now to move it… Leave it up to the gnome to figure it out!

    Move it you mules!

    Pretty much continued the same way. Frarry casting grease along the path to help and dragging it along the grass once we got out all the way to the barracks in Newhaven.

    Thank you all for helping! It was epic and I'd give you all xp if I could.


  • The stuff I miss because I gotta work…. glad people had fun. 🙂

  • Yeah, pulling huge boulders..!

    What were we doing that for again?

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    If you ever read our forum, Unfie, you might know. :p

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