Deidre's Promotion & Other Stuff

  • I missed a lot of stuff beforehand, while we were climbing the mountains, and some of the really cool stuff with the sunlight - [sighs]. But I did get these, and some from the vision sequence, but those are kinda spoilerish so I'm not sharing!


    On the way up to the highest peak, so seek Council from Lathander, we ran into some nasty goblins. One, in particular, seemed to have a deep hatred for Sir James Raventree

    We had almost reached the top of the highest peak, and it was near dawn, but the sun, was waiting.. waiting.. ((probably waiting for deidre to finally pass a climb check on her own :oops: )):

    We were transported to another world, another plane? and encountered a beacon of Light..

    There we were given a vision by Lathander of what may or may not be the future. After the vision we were all a little.. confused:

    Afterward, we were ported back to the Fortress. Deidre then realizes then that her cloak has changed from white to red.

    Big hugs and snuggles to all involved, and to Count for making it so special

  • You probably would have known you were promoted sooner, had you enabled cloaks in game! :p

  • Yay Deidre!

  • @noskcire926:

    You probably would have known you were promoted sooner, had you enabled cloaks in game! :p

    I turned them off because they lag me so badly .. might be worth it to turn them on so I can see how it looks 🙂

  • Haha, was good fun!

  • I take full responsibility for asking Count to rename one of the Goblins to Jamesbane 😃

  • Updated the title so of the OP so I didnt have to start a new thread.

    What Matriarch does to amuse herself … lots of spawns.. 🙂

    I didnt get any screenies of the actual fight, but the standoff says a lot I think:

  • Hey! Where's my cloak!

  • I was reading the chat and all I could think of was "is this in the Fugue?"

  • @Illithid:

    Hey! Where's my cloak!

    I turned cloaks off in an attempt to relieve some lag on my side and increase FPS.

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