Anything missing?

  • I’m not very acquainted with the server at present, but in plotting a concept I’m curious what active members of the community feel is missing at the moment? Is it crime? Villainy? Heroics? Trade? Religion? Fanaticism? Anything that helps me identify an opening in the market as it were would be appreciated.

  • There are several people concepting now, maybe you should take a look at their idea, and see if any catch your attention.

    There is the Nine Golden Swords looks like a nice concept, and there is also this:


    and this:


    That beeing said, there are very good factions in "crime", "heroics" and "trade" right now, so if you want to play that style, I suggest taking a look at them, and see if you get interested in joining instead of creating something new.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    There is soon going to be an incredibly FANATIC faction entering the game. I've been reluctant to write up a group concept thread to avoid OOC recruitment, but I've already approached people on IRC..

    Anyways! Hello there. 😛

  • If I was to pick one of those, I'd say the Religious Nut or Champion of is not well represented at the moment.

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